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IFA GPC 2018 – Day 1: Power briefings from brands & analysts

Friday, April 20th, 2018

The first day of the IFA GPC 2018 comprises a series of power briefs by industry leaders and analysts on the latest trends and products in consumer electronics and home appliances. Here is a rundown on what transpired in those proceedings.

Day 1 of the IFA GPC 2018 kicks off with the MC, Dave Graveline, handing the mic over to Jens Heithecker, Executive Director (IFA) & EVP (Messe Berlin Group), for the opening address.

This year, there are altogether 13 power briefings – a marked increase from last year, which saw eight power briefs and one discussion panel.

As I attend these sessions, I will post a brief synopsis of each session on Instagram and consolidate all the synopsis here.

So stay tuned!

Power briefing 1

Power briefing by Philips on innovative solutions for a healthy and joyful life.

Highlight is the new-to-world #SmartSleep solution that will change the way the world sleeps. Philips is positioned to pair clinical research, the latest digital health technologies and design capabilities to create tools that help consumers take better care of themselves and lead a balanced, healthy and energetic lifestyle through nutrition, a clean environment and sleep.

Presenting were Liat Ben-Zur, Senior Vice President, Head of Connected Digital Platforms Propositions; and Bernd Laudahn, Market Leader Personal Health DACH – from Philips.


tech4xmas 2017 gift ideas review: Philips SW6700/14 Star Wars shaver

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

tech4xmas 2017 gift list: With the premiere of “The Last Jedi”, this Poe Dameron-inspired shaver (S$219) is an apt gift for the ardent Star Wars fan who wants everything in his life to be associated with the movie series. And as a wet and dry electric shaver, it gives a really close shave with its cutting-edge rotary technology.

The three shave heads flex in 8 different directions to catch 20% more hair with every pass.

The three shave heads flex in 8 different directions to catch 20% more hair with every pass.

Design and appearance wise the glossy SW6700/14 is based on the X-wing fighter that Poe Dameron pilots in the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

I like the scratched metal finishing and red stripes.

Adding a nice touch is the red X-wing symbol that flickers during use.

Trying out the shaver, I found the Reflex Action system on the shaver provided a speedy close shave.

As it is moved over the skin, the shaver’s eight-directional ContourDetect flex heads automatically recalibrates to the curves of my neck and face.

Throughout the shave, I didn’t feel any pulling or tugging – because of the shaver’s V-Track Precision Pro technology, which uses 72 self-sharpening V-shaped blades cutting at 151,000 times per minute.

According to Philips, this technology positions each hair in the best cutting position, even on a three-day stubble (mine was a two-day old stubble) for a shave 30% closer to the skin and in fewer strokes, cutting up to 20% more hair compared to Philips predecessor shaver models.


New arrival: Philips Limited Edition Star Wars “The Last Jedi” shavers

Monday, November 20th, 2017

In conjunction with the release of the movie “The Last Jedi”, Philips has launched three special limited edition shavers featuring cutting-edge rotary technology – on sale in Singapore until 31 December, 2017. Prices below.

The three new limited edition Star Wars

The three new limited edition Star Wars “The Last Jedi” shavers from Philips. From left: Stormtrooper (S$109), BB-8 (S$149), Poe Dameron (S$219).

The three new special edition Star Wars shavers is part of a global collaboration themed around the Star Wars franchise.

“This collection will not only excite Star Wars fans but also gentlemen who want to up their shaving game. The Philips Star Wars shavers will be introduced at wallet-friendly prices while still offering all-star performance. All Philips shavers make use of a proprietary rotary shaving technology that is designed to follow the contours of the face, offering the closest shave possible and can be used on-the-go for ultimate flexibility and convenience,” said Ms. Aw Ee Ling, Senior Marketing Manager, Personal Health, Philips Singapore.

The new range of shavers combines premium cutting-edge technology with never-before-seen design features, emulating different characters from the Star Wars movie collection.

The shavers are available in Singapore from November 1 to December 31, 2017.

The Poe Dameron-inspired Philips Star Wars Shaver SW6700/14 (review here) is available exclusively at Best Denki.

The BB-8-inspired SW5700/07 and Philips Star Wars Dry Electric Shaver in Stormtrooper-inspired SW170/04 are available on the Philips e-store as well as from selected electronic stores, major departmental stores and authorised dealers.

The prices for the three new models are listed below.


New arrivals: Philips Fidelio headphones and soundbar in Singapore

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

The 2015 Philips Fidelio range of audio products comprises four headphones – the Fidelio M2L, M2BT, NC1 and X2 – and the Surround on Demand Fidelio B5 soundbar. Price and availability below.

WOOX Innovations unveiled the 2015 Philips Fidelio range of high-quality audio products on board the luxurious Ping Lady Yacht, setting sail from the Marina at Keppel Bay to Lazarus Island off the southern coast of Singapore.

WOOX Innovations unveiled the 2015 Philips Fidelio range of high-quality audio products on board the luxurious Ping Lady Yacht, setting sail from the Marina at Keppel Bay to Lazarus Island off the southern coast of Singapore.

The four headphones are designed to suit different preferences and priorities.

The price and availability are tabulated below.

Philips Fedelio RRP Availability
M2L S$469 March 2015
M2BT S$449 February 2015
NC1 S$499 February 2015
X2 S$499 March 2015
B5 S$1,699 February 2015

Below are short descriptions for each of the new audio products (from the press release).


Philips partners Green Sense Farms for LED-based indoor farming

Sunday, May 11th, 2014

These indoor farms grow vegetables sustainably and locally in areas where traditional field farming is not possible. The lighting system uses 85% less energy than traditional systems.

Feeding the growing population with Philips city farming.

Feeding the growing population with Philips city farming.

Royal Philips has partnered with Green Sense Farms (GSF), a Chicago-area commercial grower, to develop one of the largest indoor commercial farms using LED grow lights tailored to their specific crops.

6525 Daniel Burnham Cir Unit B Portage, IN  46368 United States

“By growing our crops vertically, we are able to pack more plants per acre than we would have in a field farm, which results in more harvests per year. We produce little waste, no agricultural runoff and minimal greenhouse gasses because the food is grown where it is consumed,” said Robert Colangelo.

This innovative farming model allows them to harvest 20-25 times a year by using ‘light recipes’ optimised for their produce, using 85 percent less energy.

The result will be an increase in crop yields and reduced operating costs, while providing consumers with locally grown, fresh vegetables throughout the year.

GSF is located in a small town called Portage, which is very close to Chicago.

GSF has invested millions of dollars to renovate and equip a million cubic foot indoor growing area consisting of fourteen 25 foot tall growing towers in two climate-controlled grow rooms.

These rooms use Philips energy-efficient LED solutions tailored to their specific crops.

This method also eliminates the need for harmful pesticides, fertilisers or preservatives, resulting in produce that is organically grown and virtually chemical free.


New portable speakers: Philips SoundShooter series

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Philips attempts to redefine portable music with portable speakers that are small in size but explosive in sound. Check out the SBT30 (S$89), SBA3210 (S$69), SBA3110 (S$59), and SBA3011 (S$49).

The new Philips SoundShooter portable music speakers are small in size but explosive in sound.

The new Philips SoundShooter portable music speakers are small in size but explosive in sound.

The Philips SoundShooter range of speakers sport Neodymium speaker drivers, and are light and powerful.

These handy speakers come in a myriad of shocking, playful colors and stylish metallic tones to suit your mood and make a great conversation piece and addition to any party!

Check out these quirky portable speakers below.