New Arrival: Signify Launches WiZ Smart Lighting in Singapore

Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting, is launching in Singapore a new smart lighting product line under the brand WiZ.


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WiZ is a new line of plug-and-play smart lighting system that Signify is introducing into the Singapore market.

Based on Wi-Fi connectivity, the WiZ platform is in addition to the existing Zigbee-based Philips Hue smart light ecosystem.

“When people think smart homes, they think smart lighting. Lighting is the top device that they want to control with voice. With the intuitive, relevant and accessible WiZ product range, Signify is making it effortless for consumers to get started on their smart home adventure and ushering them into new realms of connectivity, control and convenience,” said Jitender Khurana, Country Head and Managing Director, Signify Singapore.

The plug-and-play WiZ Connected portfolio comprises modern bulbs, portable lights, ceiling lights, downlighters, lightstrips and accessories, enabling users to easily inject smart, connected lighting to every corner of their home.

Designed for hassle-free set-up over Bluetooth and connectivity over existing Wi-Fi networks, WiZ comes with multiple control options including the WiZ app, voice control, smart switches and motion sensors to make daily living smarter, easier and more comfortable.

It is a multi-protocol smart lighting system built on an open Internet of Things (IoT) platform to give users the ultimate smart lighting experience.

More details below from the press release.

Plug and play: smart lighting made simple

The WiZ Connected portfolio is all about easy-to-use smart lighting that suits and enriches your everyday needs.

Simply connect the new WiZ light to your Wi-Fi and immediately enjoy the full WiZ experience.

Whether for lighting or beyond, it’s as easy as screwing in a bulb.

Intuitive and feature-rich WiZ app

Offering the cleanest of interfaces but the richest of features, the WiZ app provides a drag-and-drop system for simple organising and control of multiple lights and accessories in different rooms.

The app enables users to reflect their moods with preset dynamic light modes and set schedules to turn lights on or off automatically.

It is also the first smart lighting app to have a 24-hour adaptive lighting cycle, enabling users to follow natural lighting patterns – slowly transiting from cool white light in the morning to warm white in the evening for better quality sleep.

Jitender Khuran believes that now that homes are ready for IoT, the market for smart lighting is ready to take off. Jitender is the Country Head and Managing Director of Signify Singapore.

Jitender Khuran believes that now that homes are ready for IoT, the market for smart lighting is ready to take off. Jitender is the Country Head and Managing Director of Signify Singapore.

WiZ Advisor, the in-app guidance content, makes onboarding easy and enables users to discover more benefits.

With WiZ, a household can also add multiple users, including guest users, without the need for any additional set-up or sharing of personal information.

The app even monitors users’ energy consumption, which together with the ability to auto-dim lights, realise aspirations of the eco-conscious.

Control at your disposal

WiZ provides 360˚ seamless smart control of lights. With smart dimming, tunable lights, preset light modes and customisable schedules, the right light is always at your fingertips!

With WiZ, you can voice-command your lights with Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Siri shortcuts, or use remote controls and motion sensors.

The universal WiZmote (wireless remote) facilitates customisation of favourite modes for each room while the WiZClick technology (accessible through the app) turns ordinary wall switches into smart switches, allowing ease of switching between two favourite light modes.

Whether you are working at home, snuggling on the couch for movie nights, cooking in the kitchen or telling bedtime stories to your kids, WiZ caters to the needs of homeowners, no matter the size of your home.

While conventional lighting products may offer lower upfront costs, WiZ – being smart lighting – is a more cost-effective option as it saves more energy and lasts longer.

Switching to WiZ may be the wiser choice in view of rising electricity tariff for households in Singapore.

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  1. Gillian Loo says:

    What’s the difference between Hue and Wiz?

    • tech4tea says:

      Hue lights generally require the Hue Bridge (sold separately) while the WiZ bulbs are much easier to set up and do not require the overhead. Simply screw in the bulb and you can set it up with the app, and you’re ready to go. WiZ is more targeted at the masses so you’ll see a wide range of the bulbs and even lamps that we use in everyday life.

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