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Event: Lenovo Experiential Day 2022 Showcases End-to-End Solutions

Thursday, May 12th, 2022

The event underscores Lenovo’s maturity from a device-centric manufacturer to adopt a customer-centric strategy that offers end-to-end solutions to fulfill the business and organisational needs of their customers.

Lenovo Experiential Day 2022 is the first in-person showcase in almost two years at JW Marriott Hotel South Beach in Singapore.

Lenovo Experiential Day 2022 is the first in-person showcase in almost two years at JW Marriott Hotel South Beach in Singapore.

The Lenovo Experiential Day 2022 marks the resumption of the company’s flagship event in Singapore, from the hiatus arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking with some of the regular attendees of the event, I found that not a few were surprised at the departure from the past device-centric showcase of end-user hardware.


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“In many ways, Lenovo Experiential Day 2022 highlights that Lenovo is no longer just a device-centric company, but an end-to-end solutions provider that is helping customers embark on their journey to digital transformation 2.0 in an era filled with increasing challenges but also tremendous opportunities,” said Nigel Lee, General Manager, Lenovo Singapore.

Personally, I am glad Lenovo Singapore is adopting a more customer-centric approach in offering real-world holistic solutions to meet the needs of business and organisations seeking digital transformation through technology.


New Arrival: Canon Maxify GX5070 Business Inkjet Printer

Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

The new Canon Maxify GX5070 (S$599) is a single-function printer and is the smallest inkjet printer in Canon’s Maxify lineup for small businesses and home offices.

Retailing at S$599, the Canon MAXIFY GX5070 is now available at Canon authorized dealers.

Retailing at S$599, the Canon MAXIFY GX5070 is now available at Canon authorized dealers.

This Maxify GX5070 comes with a new refillable ink tank, lower colour printing costs with higher printing speed, as well as improvements in paper handling and networking capabilities to give offices and businesses a boost in productivity.

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Interview: Gigamon President & CEO on Winning the Cybersecurity Cat-and-Mouse Game

Monday, May 9th, 2022

One week into being promoted to the top job of President and CEO of Gigamon, Shane Buckley sat down with to share his strategy for Gigamon and how Deep Observability can help enterprises turn the table on sophisticated hackers in the cat-and-mouse game that is Cybersecurity.

Shane Buckley, President and CEO of Gigamon.

Shane Buckley, President and CEO of Gigamon.

Cloud adoption has come into its own in recent years, with the COVID-19 pandemic spurring more digital transformation around the world in two years than the preceding 10 years.

“Here in Asia, the growth of hybrid cloud is phenomenal. 73% of organisations in Asia Pacific that were surveyed will deploy hybrid cloud – more than just a multi public cloud solution – because they want to leverage the existing infrastructure and data centres they have; and to enjoy the flexibility, scale, automation, orchestration, that you get from any of these different cloud based technologies, such as Nutanix, VMware and others,” Buckley said.

This growth and move to the cloud is the driver behind the increased challenges of cybersecurity in this era – because of the complexities of operating on hybrid multi cloud IT infrastructure, and the increased sophistication of hackers.

Buckley shares that “one of the biggest lessons from 2021 is that the nature of the threat is continuing to get more sophisticated, with nation state actors, as well as nefarious groups that have become extremely adept at hacking into some of the world’s supposedly most secure networks and infrastructures”.

Enterprises need all the help they can get securing their IT infrastructure and fending off attacks arising from the increased exposure of the cloud environment.

Buckley observes that this battle is like a “cat-and-mouse” game in which – unfortunately – the mouse is winning. His role at Gigamon is to make sure the nefarious actors don’t win, by teaching and equipping companies and organisations with the ability to better provide security for their infrastructure.

“Gigamon is the leader in visibility and analytics for organisations worldwide, we help secure some of the most secure, most complex, most challenging networks on the planet. Our ability to see, control and secure workloads, no matter where they sit in the hybrid, multi cloud is what we’ve delivered through the Gigamon labs,” says Shane Buckley, President and CEO, Gigamon.

Research has shown that in 2021, 68% of all US organisations were hacked, which was up from over 50% in 2020. Many of those cases – some 25-30 percent – are ransomware attacks where organisations have to pay literally billions of dollars to these actors to release data that had been illegally encrypted and beyond use for those organisations.

“In that environment, where the nature of the threat is getting more sophisticated, we companies who actually provide protection for customers, we’ve got to move faster, because the level of sophistication of these people is becoming exponentially higher. We have to make sure that we can respond,” said Buckley.

“We’re in a unique position to provide those customers with the foundational visibility analytics they need to enhance their security posture and ensure they can minimise risk, maximise compliance, and try as much as we can to get the bad actors out,” Buckley added.

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Dell Expands Multi-Cloud Across Cyber Recovery, Data Analytics & Partner Ecosystem

Friday, May 6th, 2022

During Dell Technologies World 2022, Dell Technologies announced that it would expand multi-cloud experiences across cyber recovery, data analytics and its partner ecosystem.

This year's Dell Technologies World was held in Las Vegas from 2-5 May, 2022.

This year’s Dell Technologies World was held in Las Vegas from 2-5 May, 2022.

Dell is strengthening its APEX portfolio with managed services for cyber recovery and is extending its multi-cloud cyber recovery capabilities in public clouds.

“We are making bold moves to deliver solutions that are connected and increasingly digital to create a superior health care experience for consumers. Our strategic collaboration with Dell is helping accelerate the value of our technology investments for our colleagues and consumers,” said Karen S. Lynch, President and CEO, CVS Health.

The company demonstrated software-defined block, file and object storage in public clouds with Project Alpine.

Dell is collaborating with Snowflake, extending its SaaS ecosystem, to help customers connect data from on-premises Dell enterprise storage with the Snowflake Data Cloud.

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Appointment: Shane Buckley as Gigamon CEO and President

Monday, April 18th, 2022

Gigamon has appointed Shane Buckley as the President and Chief Executive Officer, effective Monday, 18 April 2022. After 10 years, Paul Hooper is stepping down from the CEO role but will remain an active member of the Gigamon Board of Directors.

Shane Buckley, President and CEO, Gigamon.

Shane Buckley, President and CEO, Gigamon.

As a leading deep observability company, Gigamon provides the tools and expertise required in today’s evolving threat landscape to help optimise and secure over 80 percent of Fortune 100 enterprises and 9 of the 10 largest mobile network providers.

“Enterprises are quickly shifting toward hybrid and multi-cloud deployments to accelerate digital transformation initiatives but, unfortunately, they must contend with an ever-more dangerous threat landscape. I look forward to entering this new phase of growth focused on addressing the evolving requirements of our customers by investing in the deep observability solutions required to achieve the full agility of a resilient digital infrastructure without risk,” said Paul Buckley, incoming President & CEO, Gigamon.

The company also serves hundreds of government agencies and educational organizations, as well as over 4,000 marquee enterprise customers worldwide including Lockheed Martin, AWS, Clemson University, Johns Hopkins Medical Institution, Under Armour and the Department of Defense.

Under the leadership of outgoing CEO, Paul Hooper, Gigamon became a trusted market leader in network visibility and security solutions.

A New Frontier: Deep Observability

Buckley will lead the next evolution of Gigamon as the company invests in and seeks to lead the emerging deep observability market.

Gigamon offers a deep observability pipeline that harnesses actionable network-level intelligence to amplify the power of cloud, security, and observability tools.


Study: 76% of Organisations Suffered Downtime & Data Loss in 2021

Thursday, March 31st, 2022

The losses were due to system crashes, human error and cyberattacks. The Acronis Cyber Protection Week Global Report 2022 highlights growing threats and need for integrated cyber protection solutions.

The annual Cyber Protection Week Global Report 2022 surveyed more than 6,200 IT users and IT managers from small businesses to enterprises across 22 countries.

The annual Cyber Protection Week Global Report 2022 surveyed more than 6,200 IT users and IT managers from small businesses to enterprises across 22 countries.

Acronis has released its annual Cyber Protection Week Global Report 2022 timed to this year’s World Backup Day.

“As the entire world is increasingly at risk from different types of attacks, accelerating to universal all-in-one solutions is the only way to achieve truly complete cyber protection. And that’s precisely the problem Acronis has set out to solve. Attackers don’t discriminate when it comes to means or targets, so strong and reliable security is no longer an option, it’s a necessity,” says Candid Wuest, Acronis V.P. of Cyber Protection Research.

The report exposes some of the most critical shortcomings appearing in cyber protection practices today and examines why they’re appearing, offering guidance on how they can be fixed.

One of the key findings last year was that 80% of organizations ran as many as 10 solutions simultaneously for data protection and cybersecurity — yet more than half of them suffered downtime because of data loss.

So more solutions do not necessarily translate into more protection.

This year, the trend seems to be getting worse.

While 78% of organizations globally run as many as 10 different solutions, 76% of organizations experienced downtime due to data loss — a 25% increase from 2021.


New Arrival: MSI Business & Productivity Laptops with 12th Gen Intel Core

Thursday, March 24th, 2022

MSI has announced its latest Business and Productivity laptops in the Summit, Prestige and Modern Series with 12 Gen Intel Core Processors.

Latest Business & Productivity laptops from MSI shipping with 12th Gen Intel processors.

Latest Business & Productivity laptops from MSI shipping with 12th Gen Intel processors.

The Intel Evo platform certification was awarded to the Summit and Prestige series for their lightweight design, rapid response, and long-lasting battery life.

“MSI’s roots are in high-performance laptops, and our Business Series laptops are built to complete any workspace. Our core mission has never changed; it’s built to be the backbone that maximizes your productivity,” said Derek Chen, MSI Notebook Worldwide Sales & Marketing Director.

Discrete graphics, powered by NVIDIA, fuel the Summit and Prestige series to help people express their passion and help business professionals reach their goals.

The Summit Flip models also feature a seamless 360° 2-in-1 design utilising the touch screen capability to convert into a tablet mode.

And for the Modern series, popular French illustrator Lorraine Sorlet collaborated on four visual designs revitalizing the series with a more “modern” look.

The models that were unveiled are listed below.