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Pure Storage Unveils Data-Centric Architecture at Pure Live Singapore

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

MIT Technology Review Survey reveals that most business and technology leaders in Asia Pacific and Singapore agree that data is a key competitive advantage.

To view the full report for the MIT Tech Review Survey, please click here.

To view the full report for the MIT Tech Review Survey, please click here.

The all-flash data storage platform will be announcing at Pure Live Singapore its vision for the future of infrastructure design — a data-centric architecture.

The company doubled the number of net new customers over the past 12 months and continues to lead in its industry segments according to Gartner and IDC.

With the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, data has shifted from an informational asset to the core of innovation.

It’s no longer enough to just be data-driven – organisations must be data-centric.

Modern organisations operate in a world of rapidly evolving applications, where future success is predicated on deriving intelligence from data to achieve competitive advantage and growth.


Opening: Adyen expands presence in APAC with new Singapore HQ

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Adyen’s new premises in Singapore will serve the company’s customers in the region.

The expansion in Singapore is a result of Adyen’s continued momentum and commitment to the region. Adyen currently has three offices in the region, including Shanghai and Sydney.

The expansion in Singapore is a result of Adyen’s continued momentum and commitment to the region. Adyen currently has three offices in the region, including Shanghai and Sydney.

Adyen today announced its continued commitment to businesses in the region with the expansion and move to a new Singapore office.

“Asia Pacific is the most active e-commerce market in the world and Adyen sees enormous potential to enable e-commerce and omni-channel businesses in this region,” said Warren Hayashi, President, Asia Pacific at Adyen.

The office in Singapore will remain as a regional headquarters for the payment solutions company as it increases its presence in Asia Pacific.

Located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District, the close to 500 square meters’ office space will provide modern end-to-end payment infrastructure for leading global companies.

Adyen has been empowering businesses such as Cathay Pacific, Daniel Wellington and Spotify with the ability to accept a variety of payment methods from consumers in Asia Pacific, including local and alternative payment methods.


MSIG Asia boosts efficiency with SAP Solutions to better serve customers in Singapore and Indonesia

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Asia’s leading non-life insurer turns to SAP to streamline operations and advance in a fast changing regulatory environment.

At the SAP Media Summit in Singapore. From left to right: Scott Russell, Chief Operating Officer, SAP Asia Pacific Japan & Alan Wilson, Regional CEO, MSIG Asia talk about how Big Data is changing the Financial Services Industry. Photo: SAP.

At the SAP Media Summit in Singapore. From left to right: Scott Russell, Chief Operating Officer, SAP Asia Pacific Japan & Alan Wilson, Regional CEO, MSIG Asia talk about how Big Data is changing the Financial Services Industry. Photo provided by SAP.

Leading non-life insurer MSIG has chosen SAP Core Insurance Platform for its Singapore and Indonesia companies.

“To keep pace with the industry’s changing customer needs and the dynamic regulatory environment, we wanted a flexible and scalable solution to meet both our current and future needs,” said Alan Wilson, regional CEO, MSIG Asia.

Along with driving operational efficiencies, faster time-to-market and improved customer service, the SAP Core Insurance Platform will empower these MSIG operations with a single system that will better enable growth and support the innovations and flexibility required to meet the fast-changing business demands of today and tomorrow.

Currently, there are software solutions from two main providers within MSIG in Asia, each of which has in place its own variation on the main processes and supporting systems and have undergone custom development over time.


CA UIM offers new capabilities to boost IT performance

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

The new release of the CA Unified Infrastructure Management provides enhanced analytics, alerting and Cloud services support to help IT teams ensure a superior customer experience.

Downloaded by more than 10,000 users, this feature-rich version of CA UIM is free for up to 30 devices.

Downloaded by more than 10,000 users, this feature-rich version of CA UIM is free for up to 30 devices.

The new release of CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM) further bolsters the company’s offering for unified monitoring and management of critical IT services and infrastructure.

“IT organisations are increasingly facing the critical need to develop and deploy applications with precision and speed, while also delivering the reliability and responsiveness that users demand,” said Stephen Miles, vice president, Enterprise Management. CA UIM’s scalable, end-to-end monitoring capabilities help IT organizations and service providers stay ahead of potential infrastructure issues that could impact customer experience by enabling staff to proactively identify and resolve issues to ensure optimal performance of their critical IT services, CA Technologies.

Formerly known as CA Nimsoft Monitor, the new release boosts IT performance by improving service reliability and staff productivity with enhanced analytics, alerting and cloud monitoring capabilities.

Enhanced analytics in CA UIM, including “time to threshold,” predictively calculates and identifies threats in performance to provide early warnings of problems so that they can be corrected before end users are impacted.

Also, by leveraging new “time over threshold” analytics, IT staff can better determine real and persistent performance issues that need to be addressed while minimizing false alarms due to occasional spikes.

In addition to the enhanced analytics and alarms delivered by CA Unified Infrastructure Management, the new release also includes updates to help users monitor and optimise performance within Amazon Web Services (AWS).

These updates include:


Infosys and Hitachi Data Systems expand partnership on infra & data centers

Friday, September 19th, 2014

Infosys and Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) is expanding their partnership to deliver next-generation infrastructure and data center transformation solutions to enterprises.

Infosys will also establish a center of excellence to co-create ‘pay-per-use’ solutions with HDS.

Infosys will also establish a center of excellence to co-create ‘pay-per-use’ solutions with HDS.

The new solutions will help improve operational efficiencies and facilitate smooth transition of their IT infrastructure to new cloud-based environments.

“Hitachi Data Systems and Infosys have a long history of collaboration. We are pleased to take our relationship to the next level by delivering the latest Hitachi Data Systems ‘Continuous Cloud Infrastructure’ solutions to help our mutual customers, around the world, deploy the most available, automated and agile environment for next-generation data centers and cloud solutions,” said Brian Householder, Chief Operating Officer, Hitachi Data Systems.

Enterprises can then convert a significant share of their capital expenditure, related to infrastructure and data center management, into operational expenditure.

The new data center transformation solutions, developed by Infosys and HDS, are tailored to meet refresh cycles of enterprise data centers.

The two partners will also create reference architectures and solution frameworks to accelerate private cloud deployments.

Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub is a first-of-its-kind solution that helps enterprises build and manage a unified hybrid cloud environment.


Encompass launches MEGAPOD – Asia Pacific’s first multi-channel broadcasting & playout facility

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

With double the capacity to meet growing customer demands, the new MEGAPOD facility in Singapore offers fully automated, end-to-end media processing and monitoring.

The new MEGAPOD facility is located at the office of Encompass Digital Media, at 20 Loyang Crescent, Singapore 508984.

The new MEGAPOD facility is located at the office of Encompass Digital Media, at 20 Loyang Crescent, Singapore 508984.

Encompass Digital Media has launched its new US$7 million broadcast monitoring facility, the MEGAPOD in Loyang Crescent in Singapore


New switches: Dell PowerConnect 8100 Series

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Dell expands networking portfolio to accelerate productivity and performance for enterprise campus and small business core networks.

Available from today starting from S$15,600.

New Dell PowerConnect 8100 Series switches offer streamlined efficiency and flexibility to scale campus networks.

New Dell PowerConnect 8100 Series switches offer streamlined efficiency and flexibility to scale campus networks.

Dell today announced the Dell PowerConnect 8100 managed 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switch family offering customers building blocks to deploy applications quickly, scale operations and reduce costs.

Dell PowerConnect 8100 SeriesThe new additions to the PowerConnect family are high-density, high-performance switch solutions designed to streamline deployments for enterprise campus and small core, mid-market network infrastructures.

“We’re investing significantly in our networking portfolio, including PowerConnect and Force10, to provide customers a full 10 and 40GbE networking solution from the campus to the data center,” said Ho Chye Soon, general manager, Commercial Business, Dell Singapore.

With the rapid growth of rich media, communications and heavy business workloads, campus and small business networks are under increased pressure to improve productivity, maximize efficiency and simplify management.

Dell designed the new PowerConnect 8100 Series to meet customer demand for networking solutions that deliver a combination of scalability, performance, operational simplicity, and cost-effectiveness in 24/7 operations.

Built for today’s enterprise

Dell PowerConnect 8100 Series

Dell PowerConnect 8100 Series

Customers can replace older core and aggregation layers with scalable, higher-density solutions for the flexibility to step up to 10GbE and 40GbE infrastructures.

The new switches enable a complete end-to-end 10GbE solution, featuring Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers with 10GbE onboard, as well as Dell EqualLogic and Dell Compellent 10GbE storage arrays.

Key functionality includes:

  • Network performance: The 8100 delivers line-rate, low-latency 10GbE performance and up to four 40GbE ports. The switches are optimized for video conferencing, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and unified communications and collaboration (UCC) for mid-market unified campus aggregation.
  • Scalable Density: Up to six switches can be stacked and managed simply, enabling businesses to quickly add capacity while delivering a reliable infrastructure that just works.
  • Efficient operation: The 8100 series simplifies integration for mid-size storage area networks with iSCSI traffic flow optimization and automated configuration with Dell EqualLogic storage arrays while enabling loss-less data operations across converged (DCB) networks


New mainframe application tuner from CA Technologies

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

The new mainframe application tuner helps simplify application performance management through automated detection that helps IT control costs by resolving problems before they impact users.

CA Technologies is an IT management software and solutions company.CA Technologies has announced the CA Mainframe Application Tuner, which combines two application performance management (APM) tools with new integration capabilities to help IT organizations proactively pinpoint and resolve performance issues that could reduce user productivity and consume extra system resources.

“We are very pleased with the new functionality in CA Mainframe Application Tuner that helps us prevent problems before our users are impacted,” said Mike Bouros, VP of IT, Mainframe Systems Performance at Morgan Stanley & Co. “We are also excited about its integration into the large CA Technologies portfolio of IT solutions, which will significantly enhance and simplify our application development and performance analysis processes.”CA Mainframe Application Tuner combines the advanced performance analysis and tuning capabilities of TRILOGexpert TriTune with the automated performance management of TRILOGexpert APC for TriTune.

CA Technologies has a non-exclusive, worldwide source agreement to develop, market and support this technology, thus facilitating innovation beyond its previous capabilities.

The new integration in CA Mainframe Application Tuner helps performance managers more quickly and easily identify and mitigate the root causes of application performance inefficiencies in z/OS-based systems to improve response times and lower CPU consumption.

To help streamline APM, development and testing activities, CA Mainframe Application Tuner integrates with other CA Technologies software including:

a. CA Technologies cross-platform APM solution, by automatically providing drill-down details about mainframe performance issues to IT analysts and insulating them from complexities of the applications and operating system.

b. CA Endevor Software Change Manager and key testing solutions including CA InterTest™ and CA SymDump, by automating and simplifying the process by which developers can view and update their programs, and helping to prevent manual errors.

c. CA Mainframe Software Manager, by significantly streamlining the acquisition, installation, deployment and maintenance of CA Mainframe Application Tuner.

CA and HyTrust ally to secure virtual and cloud infrastructure

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Complementary technologies from these technology alliance partners promises to arm organisations with tools to virtualise with confidence.

CA Technologies is an IT management software and solutions company.CA Technologies and HyTrust, which provides solutions for policy management and access control for virtual infrastructure, has announced a collaboration to further improve security and compliance for customers leveraging virtualized systems and cloud infrastructures.

“Virtualization presents one of the most significant security challenges an IT organization faces, with the IT administrator being essentially given the ‘keys to the kingdom’ – access to every system and application. In the move to the cloud, the added complexity and multi-tenancy aspects of the infrastructure bring management, security, and compliance issues to the forefront,” said Eric Chiu, founder and president of HyTrust.

HyTrust Appliance complements CA Access Control by administering various aspects of a virtual infrastructure such as unified access control, policy enforcement and audit-quality logging.

HyTrust also supports the recently announced CA Automation Suite for Clouds by providing the security policy and compliance capabilities needed to improve security of the cloud infrastructure.

Large enterprises continue to explore the benefits of the cloud based on their experiences with virtualization, according to a December 2010 study conducted by Management Insight on behalf of CA Technologies.

This expansion moves them to a more complex infrastructure that demands more sophisticated and automated management and security.

CA ARCserve r16 unifies data protection for enterprise IT

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

CA Technologies today announced CA ARCserve r16, a comprehensive hybrid data protection solution that enables customers and service providers to rigorously safeguard the availability of critical data, applications and services across their increasingly diverse mix of virtual, conventional, and cloud resources.

CA Technologies is an IT management software and solutions company.The comprehensive solution and simplified licensing enable customers to reduce costs and better mitigate risk.

The CA ARCserve r16 unifies data protection across virtual, conventional and cloud resources to ease management of diverse IT Infrastructures.

CA ARCserve r16 delivers this high-value capability with:

  • A modular architecture that unifies diverse data management functions and facilitates integration with third-party management tools and services
  • A simplified single license based on total amount of data being protected
  • Standby replication of virtual machine images
  • A new cloud connection layer that eases management of access to multiple public and private cloud storage resources

It unifies data management functions through a scalable, modular architecture that also facilitates integration with third-party software such as remote monitoring tools, “Today’s IT organizations are spending inordinate time and money to protect critical services—often relying on a mix of ‘point’ backup solutions for conventional servers, virtual infrastructure and cloud resources that leave them exposed to the risk of a highly damaging outage,” James Forbes-May, Vice President of Data Management, APAC at CA platforms, and solutions from service providers, like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, N-able and LabTech.

CA ARCserve r16 further simplifies management of heterogeneous IT environments by allowing customers to purchase multiple data protection functionalities with a single license based on the total amount of data they need to protect.

This licensing model also makes it easy for service providers to price and package complete data protection and management solutions to their customers. CA ARCserve r16 is also available through traditional licensing models.

Comprehensive Protection for Virtualized Infrastructure

A new offering, CA ARCserve r16 Central Host-Based VM Backup, empowers organizations to protect their virtual infrastructure with image-based host-level protection for VMware vSphere, “Downtime is not an option in today’s highly competitive world, where businesses must be more agile than ever despite finite resources,” said Eric Rockwell, president of centrexIT, a San Diego-based provider of technology management services. “We’re migrating our customers from Symantec to CA ARCserve for a variety of reasons—including its overhead-slashing infinite incrementals functionality, its ready-to-go virtualization support, its reliability and its unbeatable replication capabilities.”as well as full system replication and high availability supporting Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere and Citrix XenServer.

By providing both full bare-metal recovery and full system failover of complete VMs, it enables organizations to meet their increasingly stringent restore SLAs. Recovery of individual applications and granular recovery of targeted files and folders can be accomplished within minutes.

With the new CA ARCserve r16 Central Virtual Standby, customers can schedule the automatic conversion of image-based recovery points to VMware Virtual Disk or Microsoft Virtual Hard Disk formats. By making these backup images available as standby virtual machines, customers can further speed the recovery of data and services.

Powerful Support for the Cloud

CA ARCserve r16 introduces a common cloud connection layer across all data protection components— including traditional file backup, disk imaging, replication and high availability. “The banks that rely on our data protection services are subject to strict regulatory scrutiny,” said Terry Oehring, founder and CEO of Solis Security, an MSP specializing in providing information security for financial institutions. “By leveraging CA ARCserve, we can reliably and cost-effectively enable our customers to meet this key challenge by accurately targeting the data that they need to protect and securely replicating it offsite in the cloud.”This provides integrated access to hybrid cloud storage, enabling customers to more readily take advantage of public and private cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Windows Azure and Eucalyptus, for purposes such as remote, off-site data protection, archiving and failover.

CA ARCserve r16 also allows customers to use Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) as their disaster recovery infrastructure helping to ensuring they can be up and running quickly in the event of a problem with their on-premises infrastructure. This cold standby technology can eliminate the significant costs associated with the purchase of redundant hardware and cloud computing charges as part of a business continuity plan.

CA ARCserve r16 also enables service providers and their customers to protect systems and data both locally (for fast, simple end-user or administrator recovery), and in the cloud (to protect critical data files offsite for disaster recovery).

Additional Enhancements across Entire Solution Set

“Since implementing CA ARCserve as the primary disaster recovery solution to help ensure the availability of key business systems in our highly virtualized environment, we’ve reduced our recovery time from more than three days to less than four hours,” said Prashanth Thirumlai, IT infrastructure manager at The Haskell Company, a $500 million integrated design-build firm based in Jacksonville, Florida. All major components of CA ARCserve r16—including ARCserve Backup, ARCserve D2D and ARCserve Replication and High Availability—have been updated with significant enhancements, including new AES encryption to secure data in transfer and at rest, as well as tighter integration between traditional and image-based backup.

In addition, CA ARCserve continues to offer integrated backup to disk, tape or cloud, storage resource management, infrastructure visualization and data deduplication.