Pure Storage Unveils Data-Centric Architecture at Pure Live Singapore

MIT Technology Review Survey reveals that most business and technology leaders in Asia Pacific and Singapore agree that data is a key competitive advantage.

To view the full report for the MIT Tech Review Survey, please click here.

To view the full report for the MIT Tech Review Survey, please click here.

The all-flash data storage platform will be announcing at Pure Live Singapore its vision for the future of infrastructure design — a data-centric architecture.

The company doubled the number of net new customers over the past 12 months and continues to lead in its industry segments according to Gartner and IDC.

With the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, data has shifted from an informational asset to the core of innovation.

It’s no longer enough to just be data-driven – organisations must be data-centric.

Modern organisations operate in a world of rapidly evolving applications, where future success is predicated on deriving intelligence from data to achieve competitive advantage and growth.

“Data is now the new currency, and modern businesses need to place data at the core of their IT strategy in order to fully leverage advanced technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Pure Storage provides a data-centric architecture that helps organisations spend less time moving data and more time innovating, and ultimately deliver data-driven results in real-time,” said David Wirt, Vice President, ASEAN and Greater China, Pure Storage.

This requires a modern foundation purpose-built to optimally store, share, and ultimately analyze data in a multi-cloud world.

According to a survey conducted by MIT Technology Review and commissioned by Pure Storage, an overwhelming 87% of business and technology leaders in APJ and 94% of leaders in Singapore say data is critical to delivering results for customers.

A data-centric architecture keeps data and applications in place while technology is built around it, and fundamentally transforms data center design with the data as its core element.

Enhancements to Pure Platform Bring NVMe, AI to Mainstream

To help organisations unlock value from their data and leverage new technologies to build competitive advantage, Pure Storage unveiled a host of new data-centric solutions for enterprises at every stage of their lifecycle:

  • The new FlashArray//X product line is the first family of all-flash arrays purpose-built for Shared Accelerated Storage. The all-NVMe FlashArray//X family promises to make everything faster – databases, virtualised environments, test/dev initiatives and web-scale applications – at no additional cost. The line features five configurations to bring NVMe to all – from the NVMe-ready //X10 and //X20 to the all-NVMe //X50, //X70, and //X90, Pure’s densest, fastest array to-date.
  • Pure Service Orchestrator delivers container storage-as-a-service to empower IT and developers as they deploy container-based, microservices applications. Pure Service Orchestrator equips customers with effortless, self-managed storage that drives data centric architecture with public cloud-like agility on-premises, backed by all-flash speed and enterprise reliability. Customers can now support container environments, including Kubernetes and Docker.
  • AIRI Mini, powered by NVIDIA, a leader in accelerated computing for AI, expands Pure’s AI-Ready Infrastructure offerings. Built on FlashBladeTM, AIRI is designed to enable data architects, scientists and business leaders to extend the power of the NVIDIA DGX-1 AI supercomputer and operationalise learning early in their AI lifecycle. AIRI Mini enables new data science teams and new projects to get up and running quickly with world-class infrastructure purpose-built for the challenges of AI. With AIRI Mini, organisations can implement a simple, powerful solution to build competitive advantage through AI at a price point that’s accessible for virtually any enterprise.

MIT Tech Review Survey: AI Unlocks Intelligence Within Data

Pure Storage also announced full results of the MIT Technology Review survey.

The data, gathered from more than 2,300 business leaders across the globe, explores the vast potential – and challenges – businesses must address to unlock data intelligence with AI.

AI represents an unprecedented opportunity for organisations to improve operations, deliver better customer experiences, and drive business performance through data-driven initiatives.

Yet concerns still exist about adoption of AI including cost, data infrastructure, talent resources and ethics.

According to the survey from MIT Tech Review:

Most agree there are not enough resources and budget devoted to mining data intelligence:

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