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IT Trends: Dell shares its technology outlook for 2013

Monday, January 7th, 2013

What are Dell’s foci for 2013. Transforming, Connecting, Informing and Protecting – says Ng Tian Beng, Managing Director, Dell South Asia & Korea.

Ng Tian Beng, Managing Director, Dell South Asia & Korea

Ng Tian Beng, Managing Director, Dell South Asia & Korea

Based on feedback from his customers, Tian Beng highlights two common issues that keep  them awake at night.

  1. Firstly, businesses are spending too much of their IT budget on powering their datacenter and not powering their business.
  2. Secondly, customers want solutions that are help them innovate rather than merely keep the lights on.

Ng anticipates that, in 2013, the technology priorities of Dell’s customers along 4 key themes – Transform, Connect, Inform and Protect.

Below are the details of the four themes.


Microsoft launches preview

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Microsoft has released the preview of, a web-based “unified” email that allows the user to consolidate mails and messages from Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail.

It is also connected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and soon – Skype.

Try out the preview here.

Try out the preview here.

You can find more details for the preview on the Outlook blog.

To try out the preview, go to

You can use your existing email Microsoft email account or sign up for a new email account to try out the preview.

Below are the highlights of the preview: