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Holiday greetings: Happy Deepavali to our Hindu friends

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

Deepavali, or Diwali, is the Hindu festival of lights and is a public holiday in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.


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A little wall lamp in Lisbon, Portugal, bringing light to the darkest corner of this lonely staircase.

The word “Diwali” is the shortened form of “Deepavali” which literally means “row of lamps”.

The festival commemorates the victory of Lord Krishna over the tyrant King Narakasura in ancient India and is symbolic of the triumph of good over evil – and light over darkness.


IFA GPC 2017 – Global Press Conference for IFA 2017

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

The actual press conference for IFA 2017 in Berlin (1-6 September) will be held at 11am today in Lisbon, Portugal. Stay tuned for the excerpt and press release.

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Stay tuned for the outcome of the global press conference for IFA 2017 in this slot. I will update this posting once it’s out.

So IFA 2017 will see the emphasis put on Brands and focus placed on Innovation.

Dr. Christian Goke, CEO Messe Berlin leading the discussion panel during the Global Press Conference.

The press release will be appended below once I receive it.


Day 1 of IFA GPC 2017 – Power briefs & discussion panels

Friday, April 21st, 2017

The first day of the IFA GPC 2017 comprises a series of power briefs by industry leaders and analysts on the latest trends and products in consumer electronics and home appliances. Here is a rundown on what transpired in those proceedings.

Finally getting down to business. Looking forward to hearing what industry experts have to share about the trends and predictions in consumer electronics and home appliances.

There are altogether eight power briefings and one discussion panel.

As I attend these sessions, I will post a brief synopsis of each session on Instagram and consolidate all the synopses here. So stay tuned!

Power briefing 1

Power briefing 2


From Singapore to Lisbon, Portugal in 24 hours for IFA GPC 2017

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

IFA GPC 2017 commences from 20-23 April so we spent most of today in the air, flying 8 hours from Singapore to Dubai in UAE; and another 8 hours onwards to Lisbon, Portugal; with a 6-hour transit in the Dubai International Airport.

* This article was first published on The Travel Memoir.

So the entire journey took around 24 hours, if you include the 2 hours earlier you got to turn up at the airport to check in.

I flew Emirates Airlines and the check-in and transit was smooth.

The first leg from Singapore to Dubai was in an Airbus A380-800 and the seats in coach were relatively spacious and comfortable.


Event forecast: IFA Global Press Conference 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal

Monday, March 27th, 2017

IFA this year will be from 1-6 September, 2017. As in previous years, the annual consumer electronics & home appliances show will be preceded by a preview mini-show for the media from 20-23 April.

This year’s IFA GPC will be in Lisbon, Portugal (20-23 April, 2017). Venues in the past have included Dubrovnik in Croatia (2012), Sardinia in Italy (2013), and Belek in Turkey (2014).

This year’s IFA GPC will be in Lisbon, Portugal (20-23 April, 2017). Venues in the past have included Dubrovnik in Croatia (2012), Sardinia in Italy (2013), and Belek in Turkey (2014).

IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin – international radio exhibition Berlin) is a global consumer electronics and home appliances show held annually in Berlin in September.

IFA 2016 saw more than 1,800 exhibitors showing off their products to 238,000 visitors (including139,000 trade visitors) in 158,000 sqm of rented display area.

Every year, the organisers hold a global press conference (IFA GPC) in another European city (2016 was an exception, when the GPC was held in Hong Kong & Shenzhen).