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New Arrival: Philips Shaver S9000 Prestige

Thursday, March 28th, 2019

Philips unveiled its latest electric shaver, the Shaver S9000 Prestige (S$599) which sports Philips’ rotary technology.

Philips boasts that the Shaver S9000 Prestige offers “the world’s closest electric shave with uncompromised skin comfort”.

Philips boasts that the Shaver S9000 Prestige offers “the world’s closest electric shave with uncompromised skin comfort”.

The Philips Shaver S9000 Prestige (SP9860/13) is now available at leading electronics stores, major department stores and selected authorized dealers.

“Personal grooming is a key facet of a modern man’s appearance. The innovative rotary technology in the Philips Shaver S9000 Prestige offers the world’s closest electric shave possible with uncompromised comfort and smoothness, empowering men to shave better for success and put their best face forward for success,” said Derrick Tan, Co-Founder, Sultans of Shave.

In conjunction with the launch of the Philips Shaver S9000 Prestige, Sultans of Shave is offering free shaves, beard trims and haircuts at a pop-up event at Marina Bay Financial Centre from 25 – 29 March.

Philips has also commissioned a nation-wide survey examining the perceptions held by Singaporeans of the pressures of modern-day masculinity, and its relationship to men increasingly taking control of their lives with regards to keeping up with their appearances.

More details below from the press release about the Philips Shaver S9000 Prestige.


New Arrival: Schick Hydro 5 Sense Razor

Friday, March 8th, 2019

The new Schick razor head comes with 5 Ultra Glide Blades and 7 Hydrating Gel Reservoirs that hydrate throughout each shave. Prices below.


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Schick Hydro 5 Sense will be retailing in all major Guardian Health and Beauty, Fairprice and Watsons outlets: Schick Hydro 5 Sense Hydrate Kit retails at S$15.90, with both the Hydro 5 Sense Hydrate Refills and Hydro 5 Sense Comfort Refills available at S$24.80.

The Schick Hydro 5 Sense features shock absorb technology that allows the razor to follow the contours of your face and regulate the pressure applied.


tech4xmas 2017 gift ideas review: Philips SW6700/14 Star Wars shaver

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

tech4xmas 2017 gift list: With the premiere of “The Last Jedi”, this Poe Dameron-inspired shaver (S$219) is an apt gift for the ardent Star Wars fan who wants everything in his life to be associated with the movie series. And as a wet and dry electric shaver, it gives a really close shave with its cutting-edge rotary technology.

The three shave heads flex in 8 different directions to catch 20% more hair with every pass.

The three shave heads flex in 8 different directions to catch 20% more hair with every pass.

Design and appearance wise the glossy SW6700/14 is based on the X-wing fighter that Poe Dameron pilots in the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

I like the scratched metal finishing and red stripes.

Adding a nice touch is the red X-wing symbol that flickers during use.

Trying out the shaver, I found the Reflex Action system on the shaver provided a speedy close shave.

As it is moved over the skin, the shaver’s eight-directional ContourDetect flex heads automatically recalibrates to the curves of my neck and face.

Throughout the shave, I didn’t feel any pulling or tugging – because of the shaver’s V-Track Precision Pro technology, which uses 72 self-sharpening V-shaped blades cutting at 151,000 times per minute.

According to Philips, this technology positions each hair in the best cutting position, even on a three-day stubble (mine was a two-day old stubble) for a shave 30% closer to the skin and in fewer strokes, cutting up to 20% more hair compared to Philips predecessor shaver models.


New arrival: Philips Limited Edition Star Wars “The Last Jedi” shavers

Monday, November 20th, 2017

In conjunction with the release of the movie “The Last Jedi”, Philips has launched three special limited edition shavers featuring cutting-edge rotary technology – on sale in Singapore until 31 December, 2017. Prices below.

The three new limited edition Star Wars

The three new limited edition Star Wars “The Last Jedi” shavers from Philips. From left: Stormtrooper (S$109), BB-8 (S$149), Poe Dameron (S$219).

The three new special edition Star Wars shavers is part of a global collaboration themed around the Star Wars franchise.

“This collection will not only excite Star Wars fans but also gentlemen who want to up their shaving game. The Philips Star Wars shavers will be introduced at wallet-friendly prices while still offering all-star performance. All Philips shavers make use of a proprietary rotary shaving technology that is designed to follow the contours of the face, offering the closest shave possible and can be used on-the-go for ultimate flexibility and convenience,” said Ms. Aw Ee Ling, Senior Marketing Manager, Personal Health, Philips Singapore.

The new range of shavers combines premium cutting-edge technology with never-before-seen design features, emulating different characters from the Star Wars movie collection.

The shavers are available in Singapore from November 1 to December 31, 2017.

The Poe Dameron-inspired Philips Star Wars Shaver SW6700/14 (review here) is available exclusively at Best Denki.

The BB-8-inspired SW5700/07 and Philips Star Wars Dry Electric Shaver in Stormtrooper-inspired SW170/04 are available on the Philips e-store as well as from selected electronic stores, major departmental stores and authorised dealers.

The prices for the three new models are listed below.


IFA GPC 2017 – Global Press Conference for IFA 2017

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

The actual press conference for IFA 2017 in Berlin (1-6 September) will be held at 11am today in Lisbon, Portugal. Stay tuned for the excerpt and press release.

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Stay tuned for the outcome of the global press conference for IFA 2017 in this slot. I will update this posting once it’s out.

So IFA 2017 will see the emphasis put on Brands and focus placed on Innovation.

Dr. Christian Goke, CEO Messe Berlin leading the discussion panel during the Global Press Conference.

The press release will be appended below once I receive it.


New arrival: Gillette Fusion ProShield shaving razor & blade

Friday, August 19th, 2016

With lubrication before and after the blades, Gillette’s latest razor shields skin against irritation from unconscious, multiple or unintentional re-strokes. Prices below.

The new Gillette Fusion ProShield razor promises to protect your face as you shave.

The new Gillette Fusion ProShield razor promises to protect your face as you shave.

Global shave care leader Gillette today revealed the Gillette Fusion ProShield.

According to a study by Gillette, most men take about 170 strokes while shaving.

However, many men shave on auto-pilot and can re-stroke up to 120 times during the shave, after the initial 50 strokes wipe away most of the shave gel, unintentionally causing irritation.

To combat this problem, the new Gillette ProShield features a new Lubrication Bar before the blades, in addition to the Lubrastrip after the blades, to shield skin from irritation.