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Digital Photography Tips to Make Your Food Look Even More Delicious

Saturday, July 21st, 2018

Here are some handy food photography tips from Jonathan Berriman.



We’ve all had that millennial moment where we are served a delicious looking dish and immediately stand up to take a photo. Sometimes it just looks too good not to. Food photographers are some of the most followed influencers on Instagram and for good reason: people love food. We love eating food, we love making food, and we love looking at food.


Tips: Google’s seven top tips for Safer Internet Day

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Since today is “Safer Internet Day”, here are seven “Don’t” tips from Google that can help you stay safe on the Internet.

Are you ready for a Safer Internet?

Are you ready for a Safer Internet?

Here are seven tips from Google of things you need to start doing right away to stay safe online.

  1. Don’t use the same password for everything: It’s like handing your house keys (and every other key) to everyone you meet.
  2. Don’t have an “easy” password: If your password contains the word ‘password’ or numbers in sequence, think again. One way to create (and remember) a complex password is to think of a phrase or sentence (perhaps the lyrics to a song you like?) and use the first letter of each word to create the password. Or think of places you’ve lived, and spell them backwards. Something, anything!

  3. Don’t rely solely on a password: It’s so yesterday to have only a password for your most important accounts. Turn on two-factor authentication. Like your bank’s OTP, an SMS code or mobile app that gives you a second code when you’re accessing your account from an unfamiliar computer will give you extra peace of mind.
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