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New Arrival: Omnidesk Launches New Standing Desk Ascent

Wednesday, November 10th, 2021

The Omnidesk Ascent will be available in Singapore from 6 December at S$1,298 for the standard resin-top version and S$1,647 for the Wildwood version with wood-top.


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The Omnidesk Ascent is available in standard (resin-top) or Wildwood (wood-top) versions while the frames (legs) come in black or white. This is the Wildwood version.

Pre-orders for the new Omnidesk Ascent begins today (see sidebar for promotional prices).

The controller for the Ascent has been re-designed to look more pleasing and includes a 5V USB charging port, as well as control buttons to adjust the height of the table.

The controller is located to the left of the Ascent and includes 4 buttons for pre-programmed heights, as well as an OLED screen for adjusting other settings for the table.

Newly introduced for Ascent is a companion iOS/Android app – “Omnidesk Life” – which enables users to adjust the height of the table remotely (via Bluetooth), including 9 pre-programmed heights and other features such as tracking the time spent sitting or standing at the desk.


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The standard (resin-top) version of the Omnidesk Ascent standing table.