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New arrival: 2 new Canon multi-purpose video cameras – ME20F-SH & ME200S-SH

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

Both cameras are designed for use in extreme low-light conditions. The ME20F-SH (S$31,029) will be available from May 2016, while the ME200S-SH (S$TBA) will be available from August.

Canon multi-purpose cameras. From left: ME20F-SH (S$31,029) and ME200S-SH (S$TBA).

Canon multi-purpose cameras. From left: ME20F-SH (S$31,029) and ME200S-SH (S$TBA).

The ME20F-SH is Canon’s first ultra-high-sensitivity multi-purpose camera that captures high quality videos in extreme low-light situations.

It is able to shoot Full HD videos (1080p @ 60fps) at 0.0005 lux illumination (ISO 4,000,000+ equivalent)

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The Canon ME20F-SH fitted with lens, monitor, SSD and other accessories on a tripod, in the demo at the Canon Singapore office.

The ME200S-SH also boasts high sensitivity (up to ISO 204,800) and supports a variety of production needs ranging from video production to security surveillance.

The price of the ME200S-SH is not released yet but is expected to be much lower than the S$31,029 price-tag of the higher-end ME20F-SH.

Below are the product specifications of the ME20F-SH.