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Survey: Cloud gaining traction in Singapore with adoption on the rise

Friday, November 9th, 2012

The 3rd annual VMware Cloud Index shows 84% of respondents have adopted or are planning to adopt cloud solutions.

Infographic showing the findings for Singapore from the VMware Cloud Index 2012.

Infographic showing the findings for Singapore from the VMware Cloud Index 2012. Click to enlarge.

The 84% cloud adoption rate shows an increasing trend from 63% in 2011 and 53% in 2010. The findings were released in conjunction with the annual vForum in Singapore.

“Organisations in Singapore are increasingly recognizing the strategic role that cloud computing can play in enabling them to be more productive, stay competitive, and enter new markets,” said Nicholas Tan, country manager, VMware Singapore.

Of the respondents who have not implemented a cloud initiative but were planning to, 55% plan to implement within the next 18 months.

73% of respondents in Singapore said their business outlook for 2012 and 2013 would include growth and expansion, or consolidation with some growth, signaling more potential opportunities to increase cloud adoption.

77% described cloud computing as a top priority or highly relevant to their organization, and 88% agree that cloud will empower their business by simplifying access to IT resources.

69% agree that their organization needs to pursue cloud initiatives or risk falling behind competitors.

“By leveraging VMware solutions on a subscription basis from our telco and service provider partners such as Fujitsu Asia and SingTel, customers can have their data reside in Singapore, and only pay for the services that they consume,” said Kevin Pratesa, director, Service Providers and Public Cloud, VMware ASEAN.

When rating the top reasons for implementing cloud computing in Singapore, respondents strongly rated the need to empower the business by simplifying access to IT resources (80%); supporting a more mobile and flexible workforce (77%); and ensuring that they only pay for the IT they actually use (77%) as factors driving cloud adoption.

The VMware Cloud Index 2012 revealed that the barriers to cloud adoption in Singapore continue to persist and include data privacy, residency, or “loss of control” (72%); cost (69%); and availability or performance concerns (67%).

Despite growing cloud adoption, only one in two respondents (50%) in Singapore agree that their organization is investing in training for cloud-related skills, and 32% say their company is actively seeking to hire new IT staff with cloud computing expertise.

VMware Cloud Index 2012 underscores cloud importance in Asia Pacific

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

The 3rd annual study by VMware shows cloud computing entering a new stage of evolution in the region as it highlights the growth and importance of cloud as a business enabler.

Infographic showing the findings for APJ from the VMware Cloud Index 2012.

Infographic showing the findings for APJ from the VMware Cloud Index 2012. Click to enlarge.

The results of the study was presented at the annual vForums in Asia. Here are several key trends revealed by the VMware Cloud Index.

Key trends for APJ

  • Despite global economic concerns, nearly 80% of respondents in Asia Pacific indicates that their companies’ business outlooks for 2012 and 2013 include some growth and/or expansion.

    VMware Cloud Index 2012 findings for Singapore.

    VMware Cloud Index 2012 findings for Singapore. Click to enlarge.

  • Cloud computing is seen by respondents as enabling the business to optimise IT (85%), reduce costs (80%), and supporting a more mobile and flexible workforce (81%).
  • The CIO is increasingly empowered, with 44% of them cited as a final cloud decision maker. CEOs remain the top decision maker at 52%, but this is down 6% compared to 2011.
  • 71% of respondents state that cloud computing has made their jobs less complex.
  • Top barriers to cloud adoption are data privacy, residency, or “loss of control” (69%); security (64%); and cost (62%).

Businesses in APJ (Japan and Asia Pacific region) are forecasting business growth and see cloud computing as an integral part of their strategy.

“There is a transformation taking place in the industry and the datacenter has become a more automated place,” observed Andrew Dutton, senior vice president and general manager, VMware Asia Pacific and Japan.

There is an increased readiness for cloud and indication that it can provide competitive advantage, with 67% of APJ organisations believing that they currently have the skills and infrastructure necessary to manage a private cloud.

68% stated that without pursuing cloud initiatives, they could fall behind the competition.

With 83% of organisations stating that cloud can empower their businesses by simplifying access to IT resources, companies are looking to leverage cloud computing as a business enabler.

“VMware’s software defined approach to the datacenter not only helps organisations address concerns about integration, hybrid management and security, but also allows business leaders to leverage cloud computing in a way that aligns to their business needs,” Dutton added.

On the other hand, IT today is struggling to impose governance, control, access and self-service over heterogeneous cloud services.

VMware is working to solve this challenge – with the introduction of the software defined datacenter as the tenet to cloud computing.

IT has also evolved from its traditional role as a builder of services to become a broker of services and infrastructure capacity.

In the era of the enterprise hybrid cloud, there are new and increased responsibilities for IT, and CIOs will need to be at the helm to bridge the gap between business and IT and manage this transformation.

About the VMware Cloud Index

The 3rd VMware Cloud Index in 2012 is the largest regional cloud-related study in Asia Pacific.

Forrester Consulting and ITR (for Japan only) were commissioned to conduct the annual research in September and October 2012.

Approximately 6,500 senior IT practitioners across the APJ (in eleven countries/regions: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand) were surveyed this year.

Check out the infographics for your region here.