New arrival: AppeDine launches Beta F&B apps

AppeDine has launched the public beta release of its trilateral F&B and lifestyle e-commerce marketplace in Singapore.

The AppeDine apps were launched in Singapore at a pop-up launch at Cali Singapore at Park Avenue Hotel.

The platform offers the ability to perform online transactions customised for F&B and lifestyle service providers, chefs and consumers.

Users can download the AppeDine’s mobile app or visit its website for their next culinary and lifestyle experience.

Below are more details from the press release.

AppeDine is a bespoke e-commerce platform for F&B and lifestyle service providers to monetise their culinary services and venue spaces online, without incurring any capital outlay.

“There are no signup fees or subscription fees required by partners when they list content online on the AppeDine platform – it is free. Partners can leverage on AppeDine and list as much content as they desire,” said Clara Lim, founder and CEO of AppeDine.

Chefs who sign up for the app are automatically notified of requests by service providers or consumers in real time, and given a fair opportunity to bid for each on-demand opportunity.

Aggregating F&B outlets, pop-up events and special promotions on one platform, AppeDine presents a wide selection of new culinary and lifestyle experiences for consumers.

Service providers’ experience

Convenient and user-friendly, the AppeDine platform empowers F&B and lifestyle service providers with the ability to manage online listings, transactional sales, bookings and loyalty programs on their own.

They can easily showcase their menus, sell tickets online, track ticket sales and redemption real time, through the AppeDine Partner mobile app or web site.

“AppeDine is the go-to digital business manager for F&B and lifestyle service providers. With AppeDine Partner App, it is where pertinent elements like the e-commerce payment gateway, integration with social media marketing, and a ticketing system with real-time sales tracking, converge into a single, comprehensive platform to serve the community of consumers, chefs and service providers,” said Lim.

With the support of the AppeDine platform, F&B and lifestyle service providers are equipped to be more agile in their offerings.

For example, a café located in the central business district with a good lunch crowd but few walk-ins in the afternoon and evenings, can list the space for venue rental with a curated price plan and offer as an off-site business meeting venue during off-peak hours, or transform into a lifestyle service provider at night, hosting pop up events through tickets sold on AppeDine.

Optimising their existing resources, F&B and lifestyle service providers are able to grow their businesses with new revenue streams proactively.

The AppeDine platform takes into consideration the long working hours and the need for liquidity in the F&B and lifestyle business.

Service providers would appreciate the instant online payment for each transaction, and no capital outlay.

Transactional sales tracking online reduces the time spent on administrative paperwork, a boon to productivity.

Consumers’ experience

AppeDine is designed to meet the demands of the discerning consumer.

“AppeDine is the one-stop digital marketplace for customers. With multiple channels of F&B and lifestyle services available at AppeDine app for consumers, we are confident that consumers from all walks of life can discover options within their budget to fit their needs whilst satisfying their cravings for any occasion,” said Lim.

Diners looking for unique experiences will be pampered by the medley of possibilities available on the web site or the AppeDine mobile apps (Android and iOS).

Through AppeDine, diners can book for pop-up events online instantly, secure unique venues for group events with online deposit payment, and enjoy ancillary benefits such as loyalty rewards and competitive pricing on F&B vouchers.

Diners looking to host private dining parties can either hire an established private chef from the “Book-a-Chef” feature, or take it up a notch by customizing a unique menu according to their budget in the “Chef-on-Demand” feature.

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