Promotion: Parallels Power Bundle for Mac users

Parallels has launched the Parallels Power Bundle, a new software pack that offers great savings to the users who buy or upgrade to Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac. Prices & software list below.

Parallels Power Bundle

Parallels Power Bundle

This online-only offer starts from US$49.99 for users who upgrade from a previous version of Parallels Desktop, and from US$79.99 for new users.

The Power Bundle will offer the following seven popular apps at no additional cost together with Parallels Desktop for Mac:

  1. 1Password – (Usual retail price: US$49.99)
  2. PDF Expert – (Usual retail price: US$59.99)
  3. CleanMyMac 3 – (Usual retail price: US$39.99)
  4. Hider 2 – (Usual retail price: US$19.99)
  5. Kaspersky for Mac – (Usual retail price: US$59.99)
  6. PDF Office for iPad – (Usual retail price: US$39.99)
  7. Parallels Access – (Usual retail price: US$19.99)

This is equivalent to savings of US$219.95 – an 81 percent discount!

To find out more details about each free app, click here to visit the bundle website.

The bundle will be valid till 22 March, 2016.

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