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Promotion: Parallels Power Bundle for Mac users

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

Parallels has launched the Parallels Power Bundle, a new software pack that offers great savings to the users who buy or upgrade to Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac. Prices & software list below.

Parallels Power Bundle

Parallels Power Bundle

This online-only offer starts from US$49.99 for users who upgrade from a previous version of Parallels Desktop, and from US$79.99 for new users.

The Power Bundle will offer the following seven popular apps at no additional cost together with Parallels Desktop for Mac:


New arrivals: Microsoft launches Office 365 Personal in Singapore

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Office 365 Personal – annual subscription S$89 – allows individuals to install Office on one PC or one Mac, as well as one tablet device to be connected to the service.

Office 365 Home Premium – at S$138 per year – allows installation on up to five PC/Mac computers and five tablets (including iPad).

Introductory local promotions (until 30 June, 2014):

  • Free limited edition Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 with every purchase of Office 365 Personal.
  • Save $20 when you purchase Office 365 Personal with a new PC, Windows 8 Tablet of Mac.
  • Save $30 when you purchase Office 365 Home with a new PC, Windows 8 tablet, or Mac.
Microsoft Office 365 Personal is now available from Singapore at an annual subscription of S$89 per year.

Microsoft Office 365 Personal is now available from Singapore at an annual subscription of S$89 per year.

Office 365 Personal is suitable for individuals or small households who share a single computer to use Office.

For people or households who use Office on more than one device, it is more worthwhile to purchase Office 365 Home (previously called Office 365 Home Premium) instead.

Office 365 Personal and Home includes the complete set of Office applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access.


Adobe launches PDF Guild.

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

In a bid to drum up interest in a staid workhorse product, and get consumers to look beyond its ubiquitous role as a document reader, Adobe has embarked upon an innovative campaign to convince people that Acrobat X is more than just a reader, or a document archiver.

Acrobat X contains a complete suite of modules to facilitate “sharing and collaboration of digital documents amongst co-worders”.

What is Acrobat?

To the man in the street, Acrobat brings immediately to mind Acrobat Reader, the ubiquitous free browser plug-in that enables the opening and viewing of documents saved in the equally ubiquitous PDF format.

Nothing exciting. In fact, many third party software publishe PDF reading software that promises to be smaller and faster than the original.

The other half of Acrobat comprises other modules that facilitate document archival via conversion of documents from proprietary formats to the universal PDF format. It enhances document collaboration by tracking and managing comments and amendments that co-workers can add – even simultaneously – and then reconcile into a neatly compiled working document.

Have you tried circulating minutes to members of a meeting and manually compiling spurious comments that come in from those members suggesting amendments? An Acrobat-based workflow can alleviate much of those grunt work and save everybody’s time and effort.

The price of such rigorous sharing is security, and this is implemented via document encryption and password-based access and rights.

Another form of document collaboration involves the interaction between the publishers and readers, and this is managed by the form authoring and editing module in Acrobat.

As for content, in addition to just plain text documents, Acrobat can add sound, video and graphics to the text. The latest PDF Portfolio module assembles the source files of multi-media elements together into a single multi-document portfolio packaged in slick Flash-based presentations (Unfortunately, there’s no HTML5 versions available – pity!).

Users don’t have to track multiple files manually to put them together outside of Acrobat.

Adobe PDF Guild

No wonder the folks at Adobe believe they have a product that does magic. They are aware, however, that general awareness of Acrobat’s full capabilities beyond that of the Reader is sorely lacking.

That’s why Adobe has launched the PDF Guild. Based on a metaphor of magic and wizardry, the PDF Guild seeks to build a community of Acrobat users that shares the knowledge and expertise of its members in the software rigorously with each other.

For starters, Adobe has built a simple self-paced computer-based learning package in the guise of a simple RPG (role-playing game) “adventure” to entice people to try out Acrobat and experience for themselves how easy to accomplish the tasks that Acrobat boasts it can achieve.

Five “quests” challenge the curious who signs up to complete assignments and quiz questions on “Document Conversion”, “Document Collaboration”, “Document Security”, “Dynamic Forms” and “Rich Documents”.

I’ve cleared all five quests and found that the hands-on experience did provide a clearer understanding how to do stuff in Acrobat.

To participate, visit Participants who don’t yet own a copy of Acrobat X can download and install a 30-day trial version. You’ll need a Facebook account too to participate.

Everything you need to complete the assigned tasks are provided, right down to working documents that you can download, work with in Acrobat and then save. The result is than uploaded from within Stumped along the way? Hints are available to make the road a little less difficult.

The magic? You start out as an the sorcerer’s apprentice and as you accomplish points, you get promoted to high ranks of wizardry, like Sorcerer, Mage and ultimately Wizard.

Goodies? The points earned can be used to redeem stuff from Adobe, from notepads and thumbdrives to free copies of Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and Adobe Premiere Elements 9. Additional ways of earning points include introducing friends via email or Facebook, and participating in discussions at the Guild’s Facebook page.