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New arrivals: Linksys WRT004ANT & WRT002ANT router antennas

Friday, November 13th, 2015

Linksys ships its first dual-band omni-directional high-gain antennas for home Wi-Fi networks – the 4-pack WRT004ANT (S$149) and 2-pack WRT002ANT (S$85). Available exclusively at Challenger @ Funan DigitaLife Mall and

The new Linksys 7dBi omni-directional antenna helps give up to 2x Wi-Fi signal boost.

The new Linksys 7dBi omni-directional antenna helps give up to 2x Wi-Fi signal boost.

The new antennas help improve a router’s overall signal strength and throughput specifically at the edge of a Wi-Fi network, resulting in enhanced Wi-Fi performance.

“Antennas amplify a Wi-Fi signal and improve performance within the coverage area – providing a stronger Wi-Fi signal and throughput.  New antennas like ours will help customers that are looking to improve Wi-Fi throughput at the boundaries of their existing wireless network. In testing conducted by Linksys, the antennas optimised performance best in a single story environment where the router is on the same floor as the primary Wi-Fi usage. If users require signal enhancement on multiple floors, a range extender is more ideal,” explained Mike Chen, vice president of product management and engineering, Linksys.

Compatible with any wireless router that features an RP-SMA connection, these new antennas deliver 4dBi in the 2.4GHz band and 7dBi in the 5 GHz band for up to 2x antenna gain over stock antennas.

A more focused beamwidth also equates to higher throughput and a faster, more seamless online experience for all users.

Easy to install, simply detach an existing router’s factory antennas and replace with the new high-gain antennas.

Upgrading a Wi-Fi router or other device to omni-directional antennas can help improve connectivity with mobile devices in the home and resolve basic signal issues.

However depending on the environment, a repeater or range extender may be needed in order to amplify and relay signals in multi-level homes.

Features of the Linksys WRT004ANT and WRT002ANT Omni-directional High Gain Antennas are summarised below.