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6waves selects Akamai to enhance experience for social games

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Akamai makes it possible for 6waves to provide gamers with a fast, reliable and high quality experience with its stable of popular social games that include Ravenwood Fair, Mystery Manor, Mall World, and Resort World.

6waves, developer of social games such as Ravenwood Fair have chosen Akamai to power up gaming experience.

6waves, developer of social games such as Ravenwood Fair have chosen Akamai to power up gaming experience.

“With the rapid growth of game developers and many popular game titles, the social gaming industry is becoming increasingly competitive. Having the best technology is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge,” said Rex Ng, Chief Executive Officer of 6waves.

Akamai Technologies Hong Kong Limited, a leading provider of cloud optimization services, will be providing its Dynamic Site Delivery solutions to 6waves, a leading international publisher and developer of gaming applications.

6waves will be able to enhance the delivery of its social media games and applications to social networking platforms, including Facebook and Yabage in Japan. Akamai supports 6waves in the delivery of some of the most popular social games including Ravenwood Fair, Mystery Manor, Mall World, and Resort World, which attract 15.9 million monthly active users alone.

By using Akamai, 6waves can improve the user experience by reducing the game load time and ensuring a high level of performance, regardless of where the user is located.

Since deploying Akamai’s Dynamic Site solutions, 6waves has improved the overall user experience with a 15 to 45 per cent improvement in page load times and an 85 per cent improvement in large (over 15MB) file download times.

“The success of 6waves’ business is dependent on the quality and speed at which it delivers its social games to the end-user. The consumer’s experience is critical – if it takes too long to download a game, users won’t come back,” said Betty Lin, Regional Manager, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Akamai Technologies, Hong Kong Limited.

In addition, Akamai’s global platform has given 6waves the ability to scale quickly and enter new markets, without the need to deploy any new hardware or software.

6waves’ business model provides distribution and monetization solutions for developers by delivering high quality social games to its global network of 50 million monthly active players. Currently 35 per cent of 6waves users are in Asia, 30 per cent in the United States, 25 per cent in Europe and the remaining 10 per cent spread across the rest of the World.

Akamai’s global platform consists of over 90,000 servers, residing in approximately 1,000 networks, and delivers 15-30 per cent of all Web traffic daily. Akamai’s extensive reach and local availability allows its platform to automatically choose the fastest and most reliable data pathways to ensure that download speeds are optimized for the end-user.