New Arrival: Epson WorkForce Enterprise AM Series Inkjet Printers

Epson’s new Workforce Enterprise AM Series expands its business inkjet printer range into the mid-tier with the AM-C4000, C5000 and C6000 A3 Colour Multifunction Printers. Available from today.

The Workforce Enterprise AM Series multifunction inkjet colour printers from Epson offer increased printing speed and finishing options in a compact design.

The Workforce Enterprise AM Series multifunction inkjet colour printers from Epson offer increased printing speed and finishing options in a compact design.

This new range of business inkjet printers aims to provide an equally efficient and affordable alternative to laser printing by incorporating innovative solutions and compact design into the lineup.

Product Positioning

The current A3 colour printer market is dominated by business printers producing 30-50 pages per minute.

Epson’s existing A3 colour printers consist of the Workforce Pro Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS) Printer, which prints at 26 pages per minute, and the Line Inkjet (LIJ) Printer which prints at 60 to 100 pages per minute.


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Epson’s first physical event after the pandemic began, at its regional HQ in Singapore.

Introducing the new WorkForce Enterprise AM series allows Epson to address the current gap in the market in the 30-60ppm range, while offering consumers an alternative to laser printing options.

The availability of newer speed ranges is especially beneficial for corporate offices, as they typically require mid-speed printers for the printing of general office documents.

More details below from the press release.

Increased Performance Capabilities with Compact Design

The AM-C6000 is a replacement for the current WF-C20600 LIJ printer.

The AM-C6000 features a faster A4 2-sided scan speed, increasing from 110ipm to 120ipm.

The AM-C6000 is significantly more compact than its predecessor, with its weight reduced from 177.1kg to 102.1kg.

“Epson’s sustainable inkjet technology has long been at the forefront of our printing and innovation solutions. Consuming less energy and consisting of fewer consumable parts, inkjet printers provide a relatively more sustainable answer to printing solutions as compared to laser printers. Epson is dedicated to leveraging its propriety technology to deliver efficient, sustainable print solutions for our partners and end users, and committing to inkjet printers is the bold first step taken in this direction,” explains Derek Tan, Head of Sales and Marketing, Epson Singapore.

The panel is upgraded to a capacitive 10.1’’ touch panel, while the TEC value will be decreased from 0.41kWh to 0.25 kWh.

The WorkForce Enterprise AM series touts new solutions designed by Epson to create a better experience for customers.

Built in Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Using scanned originals, users can now create searchable and editable electronic documents.

This is an especially useful function for users using shared folders that store scanned data saved directly from the scanner.

Users who may face trouble distinguishing the contents of the scanned documents within the folder, the new OCR feature enables users to search for words or characters within the document.

This reduces the hassle for users who do not have to perform a manual search through folders to find the file they may be looking for.

The OCR feature also allows for easy copy or pasting of data. The OCR solution comes with additional charges that users can opt to include based on their needs.

Erase Red Colour (Scan & Copy)

The Erase Red Colour functions allows users to restore black and white documents to their original condition by removing red-coloured markings or notes.

This function is apt for usage within schools, where it is common for teachers and students to utilise red ink to make notes or mark worksheets.

Rather than printing out a separate clean copy, the erase red colour function allows for users to scan the original marked copy, and digitally removes any red markings to produce a clean document.

Epson Print Admin

Epson’s specially curated print management solution that provides secure print and document distribution by authentication function, allows users to simply organise and manage multiple documents.

Users can choose the document sorting function and authenticate with their PIN card, before picking the most suitable option from the scan pre-set menu screen.

The Epson Print Admin also incorporates robust security features which include IP address filters, confidential printing with PIN requirements, access control, and a panel admin mode to prevent unauthorised users from changing the printer settings.

Enhanced Design and Finishing Solutions

The WorkForce Enterprise AM series comes equipped with 3 new finishers, namely the staple finisher and saddle unit with no external bridge unit, and an inner finisher.

The printers are designed with a “softer” shape, replacing hard corners with smoother, curved-in edges.

The capacitive 10.1’’ touch panel is bigger than previous editions, and now with the capability to be tilted for increased maneuverability.

The new Graphic User Interface (GUI) even provides users the option to customise the layout of their touch panel.

The hardware of the printers is built in with new tools such as an inner tray, paper cassette lock, authentication device table and optional Wi-Fi settings.

These hardware settings are optimised to boost productivity, especially within an office setting.

Hassle-free Operating System

The series printers have fewer replacement parts to maintain, and this results in reduced intervention required throughout the lifespan of the product.

With less consumables required to function, the printers generate less overall waste too.

“We are confident that our new WorkForce Enterprise AM series will be a strong and equally affordable alternative to laser copiers. Incorporating innovative solutions with a strong focus on eco-friendliness, Epson WorkForce Enterprise AM series printers are designed to be a staple of the sustainable office of the future,” added Tan.

The simplified GUI, coupled with remote monitoring via Epson Remote Services (ERS), allows for a convenient, hassle-free printing experience.

Energy Saving

The New WorkForce Enterprise AM series are powered by Epson’s Heat-Free Technology, which completely removes heat from the ink ejection process, resulting in the printers consuming less power compared to laser printers in the market.

The printers include a power consumption monitoring tool located at the bottom of the home screen, and a green leaf icon to highlight paper saving when printing or copying in duplex.

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    Don’t see many Epson printers in the business space, although they’re so strong in the consumer inkjet segment. Some of my friends didn’t even realise that they make laser printers!

    • tech4tea says:

      Yes traditionally people tend to associate Epson more with the consumer inkjet printers. But they make lots of business solutions including labelling printers, laser printers (which they are phasing out) and of course business inkjet printers for the enterprise.

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