Canon Singapore Launches Safe Entry Solution for Retail & Offices

The system consists of a device with a camera, temperature screening and a scanner that reads the identification card of a visitor for an integrated safe entry experience. As the solution is also a self-service system, workplaces can reduce manpower managing entry stations.

Canon's new all-in-one entry-control system: FACTS.

Canon’s new all-in-one entry-control system: FACTS.

Canon Singapore announced today the launch of a digital check-in solution which enables businesses to facilitate contactless, fast and easy temperature screening and entry/exit recording for staff and customers.

The solution, which is known as Facial Access Control Temperature System (FACTS), uses an 8-inch tablet which combines the functions of a camera, infrared thermography, near-field communication (NFC) device, barcode scanner and data storage.

The tablet is a third-party device distributed by Canon Singapore.

To check in, visitors should stand within 0.5 to 0.7metre from the device to have their temperature screened via the infrared thermography.

If the visitor’s temperature is within a predetermined range, a green text box will be shown to indicate that the visitor has passed the temperature screening.

This will be accompanied by an automated voice message which says, “temperature normal”.

The device will then request for the visitor’s identity, which can be quickly obtained by scanning the visitor’s identification cards such as NRIC (the latest digital version is also accepted) and driver’s license at the barcode scanner.

The device also can be set to automatically take a photo of the visitor, if required.

It takes just a few seconds to complete the entire process.

FACTS can also be used to facilitate the use of Singapore’s national digital check-in system, SafeEntry, to help retail stores, offices and other businesses comply with safe management measures at the workplace.

More details below from the press release.

Truly contactless digital check-in solution

On a single device, users can toggle between a digital check-in and check-out process.

To make the process truly contactless, two devices can be used within the vicinity to configure a digital check-in process on one device, and a check-out process on the other.

This removes the need to touch the device to manually toggle the check-in and check-out processes.

With the multiple functions of FACTS, there is no need for additional manpower to support functions such as checking temperatures and scanning identification cards separately, thus saving manpower.

Accurate temperature screening

The ability to detect elevated body temperature serves as the basic check on whether the visitor is well and fit enough to enter the premise.

By standing within a 0.5 to 0.7metre from the device, it can detect whether the visitor’s temperature is within the acceptable predetermined range with an accuracy of ± 0.3 degrees Celsius within just a few seconds.

Various configurations for Canon’s FACTS.

Various configurations for Canon’s FACTS.

This is possible with the device’s in-built infrared thermography, which detects surface skin temperature on the forehead of visitors.

As the device only detects a single visitor’s temperature in close proximity, the temperature measured is also more accurate than larger thermal scanners as it is less likely to be affected by environmental conditions.

Option to store local data to facilitate secure access at workplaces

Workplaces can configure FACTS to store local data to record daily entries and exits of staff and visitors.

Staff can check into their workplaces with their company identification cards using the device’s NFC reader.

“As more retail stores and workplaces reopen after the Circuit Breaker in Singapore, it is important to continue complying with safe management measures at the workplace. We need to digitalise check-in and check-out processes as much as possible, with the least number of people. We also need it to be fast and easy to use so that we can get back to work quickly and safely,” said Edwin Teoh, Head of Marketing, Singapore Operations, Canon Singapore.

This is ideal for workplaces who are looking to digitalise their secure access operations and are required to store logs of people entering or exiting their premises.

The data storage process is such that only the last four digits of the visitors’ identification number will be stored in the log (if activated).

Canon Singapore is also working on integrating FACTS with other devices and solutions that can be used within the office environment to help with functions such as video analytics.

Another feature that will be added soon is facial recognition, which will enable staff to check into their workplaces easily.

These features are targeted to be available from July 2020.

FACTS also comes with an anti-spoofing feature that prevents unauthorised personnel from impersonating eg. by using a photo or video to enter the premises.

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