New Arrival: Ariston Andris2 Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Water Heaters

Ariston launched its Andris2 range of Wi-Fi enabled water heaters in Singapore comprising the Andris2 Top, Andris2 Lux and Andris2 RS.

The new range of Ariston Andris2 smart Wi-Fi enabled water heaters in Singapore.

The new range of Ariston Andris2 smart Wi-Fi enabled water heaters in Singapore.

These smart water heaters can be controlled via a smartphone app and boasts the following patents.

  • Long-lasting Titanium heating element with lifetime warranty (only for Andris2 Top and Andris2 Lux).
  • Energy-saving with smart ECO-EVO technology (only for Andris2 Top).
  • AG+ Silver Ions with antibacterial properties for greater hygiene.

More details below from the press release.

SINGAPORE, 11 April 2019 – As one of the leading water heater brands in Singapore, Ariston is known to pioneer state-of-the-art technologies in water heaters.In 2016, Ariston launched Singapore’s first Constant Temperature technology in its AURES instant water heater range; in 2017, Ariston introduced the first SLIM storage water heater in Singapore.

Today, Ariston proudly announces its whole new technology in storage water heaters through the Ariston Andris2 range.

This new range of Andris2 storage water heaters are equipped with a revolutionary smart technology, a renewed luxury design and a patented titanium heating element.

The Andris2 range includes the models Andris2 Top, Andris2 Lux, and Andris2 RS.

Andris2 Top Wi-Fi with Smart Control Technology

The premium Andris2 Top model is the first WiFi-enabled storage water heater in Singapore with dedicated app controls.

Comparison of features between the three models in Ariston’s Andris2 range of smart water heaters.

Comparison of features between the three models in Ariston’s Andris2 range of smart water heaters.

With Ariston’s first-in-the-market remote control Aqua Ariston Net App for water heating, you will have total control whenever and wherever you are.

Connecting you conveniently with your Andris2 Top smart water heater, comfort and energy savings are now at your fingertips.

Enjoy an absolute peace of mind together with savings up to 25% with this new Smart Control Technology. Hot water is now available, whenever you want.

With the following features, the Aqua Ariston Net App increases user comfort and convenience by leaps and bounds:


  • Have shower-ready notifications sent to your mobile for hot water
  • Find information on the next available shower timing
  • Receive constant up-to-date information about water temperature

Energy Saving

  • Turn the product on and off
  • Set a weekly schedule to have hot water only when necessary
  • Receive energy consumption reports to continuously monitor your own habits

The integrated auto-learning software ECO EVO installed in Andris2 Top learns your habit day after day and is able to recall your daily habits to deliver hot water right when you need it.

ECO EVO is the most innovative energy saving algorithm used worldwide by Ariston to reach the top energy ratings.

Ariston Andris2 Lux and Andris2 RS with Sleek and Beautiful Italian Designs

Alongside Andris2 Top, Ariston is also launching two new models Andris2 Lux and Andris2 RS.

While all Andris2 models offer a superior temperature control, the smart Andris2 Top and Andris2 Lux models use a brand-new powerful chip to constantly measure the water temperature.

“As global leader in water heating Ariston well understands customer’s desire for durability, safety, energy saving and design, the Andris2 range is a unique synthesis of all this. Furthermore, the versions with smart technology and Wi-Fi features bring the shower comfort to a level that no other water heater in the world can reach. We are proud of this small masterpiece, result of years of experience and hard work by Ariston engineers and Italian designers,” said Vito Saracino, Managing Director of Ariston Thermo Asia Pacific.

Ariston has always pride itself in developing durable products that last through time. It was the first water heater manufacturer to use titanium against water corrosion.

Today, all of Andris2 models are made with super-ecologic insulation materials and boast a new exclusive Titanshield technology for best tank protection with titanium enameling and enhanced Mg anode.

The patented full-titanium heating element is the best solution in the market which assures top heating performance during the whole product life.

To prove product durability, this unique component in Andris2 Top & Lux range comes complete with a lifetime warranty.

Beautiful, clean and modern lines define the Italian design by renowned art designer Umberto Palermo.

Possibly the best-looking water heaters out there, the Andris2 range come in aesthetically pleasing monochrome colours that will look stunning in any bathroom.

The sleek and minimalistic design does not take up too much space in the bathroom, a great trait especially since bathrooms are now getting smaller.

After all, a compact water heater means a less cluttered and a more spacious bathroom.

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