Events: Fuji Xerox Singapore Inaugural Innovation Re:Mix Forum

The theme for the one-day conference is “Harnessing the Machine, Digital, and Human Intelligences of Tomorrow”.

Models donned lively paper dresses designed and printed by Fuji Xerox’s specialists and equipment at the Innovation Re:Mix Forum.

Models donned lively paper dresses designed and printed by Fuji Xerox’s specialists and equipment at the Innovation Re:Mix Forum.

Fuji Xerox Singapore, a leader in document management solutions, today kicks off its inaugural Innovation Re:Mix Forum at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

“The Innovation Re:Mix Forum is Fuji Xerox Singapore’s premier event of 2019 targeting champions of business transformation and workforce innovation. By harnessing the collective powers of Machine, Digital and Human Intelligences, we aim to use the event as a platform to inspire business leaders from enterprises and SMBs across Singapore to embark on a digital transformation journey and build a future-ready organisation”, said Sara Cheng, CEO, Fuji Xerox Singapore.

The new conference offers a unique look at digital transformation made possible through pragmatic technology solutions and strategies.

In addition to the speakers and content, attendees were taken on a journey through Fuji Xerox’s innovation showcase, organised into three experiential zones that are defined by “Machine Intelligence”, “Digital Intelligence”, and “Human Intelligence”:

The forum’s strong mix of content and stakeholders in the business community attracted thought leaders across various sectors who explored the latest strategies for digital transformation and key challenges to creating an agile and smart business model.

Noteworthy speakers included:

  • Mr Leon O’Reilly, General Manager, Regional Solutions Group, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific
  • Mr Ian Wilson, Senior Vice President of Non-Gaming Operations, Marina Bay Sands
  • Mr Kevyn Yong, Associate Professor, Management Department Associate Dean for Corporate Programs, ESSEC Asia Pacific
  • Ms Lay Hoon Tan, Chief Operations Officer, Manulife
  • Mr Steve Wyatt, Managing Partner (Asia Pacific), Heidrick Consulting
  • Mr Eric Sandosham, Founder & Partner, Red & White Consulting Partners LLP
  • Ms Audrey Kuah, Managing Director, Dentsu Aegis Network, Global Data Innovation Centre

More details from the press release about the forum is appended below.

Bringing to Life Machine, Digital and Human Intelligences via an Experiential Showcase

1. The Re:Mix Collection

Focusing on Machine Intelligence, “The Re:Mix Collection” serves as the main highlight of the Innovation Re:Mix Forum.

The zone brings to life the versatile capabilities of Fuji Xerox’s Production Printers through cutting-edge Paper Couture, depicting the creation possibilities and prowess of the machines through fashion art.


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Welcome address by Sara Cheng, CEO Fuji Xerox Singapore.

For example, the zone showcases a combination of the different printers’ key qualities, such as printing gold and silver designs on the Iridesse Production Press, and the folding and finishing capabilities of Fuji Xerox’s new PrimeLink C9070/C9065™ Printer Series that enables the creation of origami-inspired dresses.

Last but certainly not least, the zone features a central catwalk that will host two exciting fashion shows.

During the shows, models will don the resulting lively paper dresses designed and printed by Fuji Xerox’s specialists and equipment.

2. The Re:Mix Solutions

Digital Intelligence serves as the central theme of “The Re:Mix Solutions” zone, highlighting Fuji Xerox’s document management solutions through three video skits featuring two endearing but oddball guys, Ken and Sean.

With minimal dialogue lines, the videos follow the duo through their troubles in a generic office space while highlighting the key values of Fuji Xerox’s new ApeosPort-VII / DocuCentre-VII Series: Security, Digitization, and Print Management.

3. The Thinking Lab

Highlighting the best of Human Intelligence, “The Thinking Lab” shows how Fuji Xerox’s consultants make a difference during the critical digital transformation pre-assessment process.

The zone simulates the three key sequential lab processes with simple but interactive activity segments:

  1. The Assessment segment consists of identifying with problem statements and current predicaments.
  2. The Analytic segment highlights the need for understanding and analysing information from the assessment.
  3. The Solution segment is a display of the intelligence and experience required to produce the most effective solution. Key capabilities of this segment will be projected through professionals that will advise and share insights on the right Fuji Xerox Solution.

Showcasing Fuji Xerox’s Latest Offerings and Solutions

Fuji Xerox Singapore will debut its new series of Production Printers that enables the creation of the paper dresses at “The Re:Mix Collection” zone.

The company will also showcase its latest range of digital automation and workflow solutions that power Human Intelligence at “The Thinking Lab” zone.

(New) ApeosPort-VII / DocuCentre-VII Series – Your Smart Business Enabler

Spanning 14 models of digital color multifunction devices, the new series offers enhanced features to support all types of businesses.

The new series comes with an advanced UI panel design featuring user-friendly interface akin to a smartphone.

On top of its high-speed and versatile printing and scanning capabilities, it is also capable of several mobility features such as Near Field Communication (NFC), Print Utility integration, and server-less on-demand printing.


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Panel on “Insights: Digital Transformation Building Blocks”.

A true office companion, the DocuCentre-VII Series is equipped with several user-friendly features, including its Smart WelcomEyes sensors which automatically activates the Multifunction Devices when users are near, and intuitive lights and sound notifications to alert users when jobs are completed.

360° security features are also incorporated, covering the entire information management life cycle, such as communication route and data encryption, passwords and signatures capabilities, data erasure, duplication control, monitoring logs, and more.

(New) PrimeLink C9070/C9065™ Printer Series

Designed to be fully scalable, Fuji Xerox’s new Light Production Printer series meets the diverse print-on-demand and professional graphic communication needs of all office work environments.

With a wide range of printing applications, the PrimeLink C9070/C9065™ is fully equipped with several cutting-edge, in-house colour printing features.

These include print speeds of up to 70ppm, a 270ipm scanner, print resolutions of up to 2400dpi, and several finishing capabilities.

Designed to produce prints with high visual fidelity, the new series offers a sharp, consistent, and accurate image quality via its GX-i Print Server architecture, built-in image quality adjustment features like 3D calibration, tone adjustment, and Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA), and edge enhancement features to reproduce crisp texts and lines.

The PrimeLink C9070/C9065 also incorporates several hybrid workflow features.

With the Portable UI feature, users can utilise their smartphones as a UI panel to perform basic operations such as copy and scan, and register up to 30 favourite printing configurations.

Fuji Xerox Print Utility also enables users to print directly from iOS or Android™ devices, while supporting AirPrint, Google Cloud Print™, and Mopria®.

(Showcase) Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

By deploying RPA, businesses can accelerate their business performance, and redefine the quality and timing of the work that is needed.

The solution harnesses software robots that mimic and carry out rule-based and repetitive tasks, increasing staff productivity by 35-50% and reducing costs by 25-50%.

Some tasks that RPA can automate include:

  • Customer service: Correspondence and service requests
  • Sales: Purchase orders and contracts
  • Corporate: Litigation and regulatory documents
  • Financials: Tax documents, proof of delivery
  • HR: Application forms, resume
  • Others: Insurance claims, patient records, loan applications
(Showcase) Workflow Automation (WfA)

WfA eliminates the inefficiencies of paper-based workflows by simplifying, automating, and optimising key processes in a company.

Utilising analytics, Fuji Xerox’s consultants gain insights into the document-intensive processes of a customer’s business.

They then evaluate the information life cycle and recommend areas that will benefit from workflow simplification and automation.

Designed to reduce the number of steps between the owner and reader of the documents, the solution helps businesses manage their data and documents with a single repository, leading to:

  • Improved productivity by freeing resources from repetitive tasks
  • Enhance quality and precision with minimal errors
  • Enhance regulatory compliance and improve audit reporting
  • Collaborate effectively by accessing and approving documents anywhere, anytime
  • Reduce cost by eliminating costly manual steps

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