POTD: Worker examining grocery (Canon PhotoMarathon 2016 winner)

Photo of the Day: Atmospheric monochrome shot of a worker examining grocery stock in the warehouse of a grocery store. Taken by Lim Mark Anthony Pamintuan, winner of “Best of Show (Open Category)”.

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Mark’s submission for Theme 2: Kyosei – the second of three themes in this year’s Canon PhotoMarathon. Photo credit: Lim Mark Anthony Pamintuan.

When I chatted with Mark about the photo, he shared that he originally wanted to take a photo inside a temple with people in it.

“Never get tired of taking and looking for the best shot, it takes time and a lot of effort! Believe me!,” Lim Mark Anthony Pamintuan, Best of Show (Open Category).

But when he went to Little India, he found the Hindu temple he had in mind was closed on that day.

He was walking beside a market on the way back to the MRT station, when he saw the grocery shop with smoke inside.

After gaining the owner’s permission, he ventured inside to take this photo.

Mark is a nurse and travel photographer working in Singapore.

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