POTD: Jogger on the bridge (Canon PhotoMarathon 2016 winner)

Photo of the Day: Black and white shot of a jogger running on a bridge leading to the Singapore Sports Hub. Taken by Lim Mark Anthony Pamintuan, winner of “Best of Show (Open Category)”.

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Mark’s submission for Theme 3 in this year’s Canon PhotoMarathon. Photo credit: Lim Mark Anthony Pamintuan.

Guess who was the jogger in this photo?

It’s none other than the photographer himself!

When I chatted with Mark about the photo, he shared that he frequently went to that bridge to take photos – so when the third theme was announced, he immediately formed this image in his mind.

“With our own imagination, we can make things possible,” says Lim Mark Anthony Pamintuan, Best of Show (Open Category).

The third and final theme for this year’s Canon PhotoMarathon: #NoFilter + #NewPerspective + #SPACE.

When he reached the bridge, there were no passersby, so he had to play the part of the jogger himself, prepositioning the camera and running on the click of the camera.

This photo he submitted was the final one of many shots!

Mark is a nurse and travel photographer working in Singapore.

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