New arrival: AirFree Air Purifiers that are filter & maintenance free

Hwee Seng Electronics launches in Singapore 6 models of air purifiers from AirFree. The air purifiers reduce ozone concentrations and destroy 99% of airborne allergens by burning microorganisms at the high temperature of a ceramic core.

The Lotus air purifier from AirFree, capable of covering 60 square metres of indoor space.

The purifiers are maintenance free as they do not use filters – as opposed to most HEPA-filter based air purifiers.

The heated air from the hot ceramic core is released back into the room through the top of the air purifier and cool air is sucked in through the air vents at the bottom of the air purifier because of convection currents.

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The BabyAir air purifier from AirFree, able to cover 21 square metres in the baby’s room.

As a result, the AirFree purifiers do not use a motor like in most purifiers that suck air through a HEPA filter.

Without an electric motor, breakdowns and maintenance of the motor is not needed.

6 AirFree air purifier models were showcased during the launch in Singapore.

  • Lotus (60sqm): S$858
  • Tulip 80 (32sqm): S$TBA
  • Iris 125 (50sqm): S$638
  • P 80 (32sqm): S$478
  • E 60 (23sqm): S$398
  • BabyAir (21sqm): S$418

Available in Singapore from Popular, Harvey Norman, Hachi Tech online, Audio House, Hwee Seng Online, and Qoo10.

AirFree was founded by a Portuguese businessman who developed these air purifiers to ease his son’s allergy attacks.

The Iris 125 air purifier from AirFree, able to cover 50 square metres of indoor space.

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