New arrivals: Casio CELVIANO Grand Hybrid Pianos – GP-300BK & GP-500BP

The new series of digital pianos were designed in collaboration with renowned piano manufacturer C. Bechstein and promises the sound and tonal quality of an acoustic grand piano. Price & Availability below.

Casio CELVIANO GP-500BP (left) and GP-300BK Grand Hybrid Pianos.

Casio CELVIANO GP-500BP (left) and GP-300BK Grand Hybrid Pianos.

Casio Singapore has launched a new series of digital Grand Hybrid Pianos designed in collaboration with renowned piano manufacturer, C. Bechstien.

The line-up includes the CELVIANO GP-300BK and CELVIANO GP-500BP which employs Casio’s proprietary Acoustic and intelligent Resonator (AiR) Sound Source technology and grand piano sound sampling to deliver matchless realism, tonal and sound detail of an acoustic grand piano.

Price and Availability

The Grand Hybrid Piano GP-300BK (S$4,799) is available at Casio Authorized Retailers from 30 September 2015 while the GP-500BP (S$6,999) will be available from November 2015.

Casio is also releasing today the CELVIANO AP-700BK (S$3,299), equipped with the AiR Grand Sound Source technology.

Sound profiles of three distinguished grand pianos

Casio employs an original Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Grand Sound Source technology to replicate the rich reverberation and delicate acoustics of three distinguished grand pianos through sound sampling.

By selecting the different sound profile modes, the pianos are able to produce the exact sound of the trio below.

Of the three, the Berlin Grand profile was developed in collaboration with C. Bechstein, an established piano maker with over 160 years of history, employing the AiR Grand Sound Source to recreate its complex and multi-faceted sound.

Feature set for the three new models in the Casio CELVIANO series.

Feature set for the three new models in the Casio CELVIANO series.

To truly achieve the distinct three-dimensional sound and brilliant tone of a grand piano, the GP-300BK and GP-500BP feature a Grand Acoustic System to also replicate the sound reverberation of the strings vibrating above and below a grand piano sound board.

Casio CELVIANO AP-700BK (S$3,299).

Casio CELVIANO AP-700BK (S$3,299).

Through special creation of sound pathways using six speakers, the system delivers a full-bodied, three-dimensional sound with tonal elongation, expansion and depth.

Natural grand hammer action keyboard made of spruce wood

The GP-300BK and GP-500BP feature a Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard that creates horizontal key hammer movements, similar to that of a concert grand piano.

“Casio is deeply rooted in the music industry and we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of Electronic Musical Instruments this year. In honour of this milestone, we have a great alliance with one of the world’s leading piano manufacturers, C. Bechstein, to create the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid Pianos that truly represents the ultimate combination of innovation and tradition,” said Shunichi Watanabe, Managing Director, Casio Singapore.

This provides a more realistic simulation to achieve optimal authenticity in terms of key hammer response, allowing pianists to control the volume and speed of each note depending when struck at varied timings and force.

Furthermore, the piano’s Key Off simulator helps to give a similar lingering sound reverberation depending on the speed at which players release their fingers after pressing the keys, which are critical to expressing the delicate nuances when playing ‘Staccato’ or ‘Legato’.

The keys of the GP-300BK and GP-500BP are also made from solid Austrian spruce wood, as they are in a C. Bechstein grand piano, to truly replicate the touch and feel of a grand piano.

Enhanced playing experiences of the grand hybrid pianos

To attain a more multi-sensory experience, pianists can select from a range of Hall Simulator modes which allows the pianists to enjoy the immersive sound found in iconic venues such as a concert hall in Berlin, a church in Amsterdam or a concert venue in Vienna.

“Whether you are an amateur or professional musician, these digital pianos will make you enjoy performing and practicing the piano with a new level of authenticity to create a concert grand piano experience,” added Watanabe.

Pianists can also make use of the Position Setting function, a useful feature when practicing for a performance, to select different modes to hear how the music sounds from the audience whether at the front row or right at the back of the concert hall.

New CELVIANO Grand Hybrid Pianos include a Concert Play feature that has pre-recorded live concert sounds installed in a high-quality digital format, allowing the pianist to practice their tunes along with an orchestra.

In addition, the GP-500BP comes with an additional Scene feature providing 15 different pre-set modes for pianists to select the most suitable sound environment when playing tunes by of composers such as Chopin and Liszt and also different music genres such as jazz to ensure pieces are played with the best optimal tones, reverberation and effects.

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