New arrivals: Lenovo VIBE Shot Android flagship smartphone

The Lenovo VIBE Shot ships with a 16-megapixel main camera, 5-inch Full HD screen, 32GB storage and 3GB RAM. It is now available in Singapore from Lazada online at S$479.

The Lenovo VIBE Shot is now available online on Lazada Singapore (S$479). Only the Carmine Red version is available at present.

The Lenovo VIBE Shot is now available online on Lazada Singapore (S$479). Only the Carmine Red version is available at present.

The VIBE Shot is the flagship model in Lenovo’s smartphone lineup and is positioned to offer value-for-money in terms of the technical specifications of the phone viz its pricing.

Lenovo VIBE Shot

Lenovo VIBE Shot

The phone is also available in other ASEAN countries while a variant version of the model, with the localised network bands is also available in China.

Lenovo is especially proud of the camera on the VIBE Shot – note the name of the phone – and is banking on that as a major selling point to the growing hordes of smartphone photographers.

Like a standalone shooter, the VIBE Shot features a dedicated shutter button, which can be used to instantly activate the camera function to snap a quick photo.

Lenovo boasts that the on-board infrared auto-focusing (AF) system is twice as fast as a conventional autofocus, while the tri-color LED flash ensures more realistic skin tones.

Meanwhile, superior low-light performance and clarity for shooting images in darker interiors or at night are supported by a 16:9 BSI sensor.

Optical image stabilization (OIS) technology reduces blurring from camera shake.

At the flick of a switch, users can easily toggle between the camera’s Auto and Pro modes.

Targeted at budding shutterbugs, the Auto Mode features a Smart Composition function, incorporating automatic scene detection and an onscreen “point & shoot” guidance.

The Pro mode, on the other hand, offers enthusiasts manual controls like aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings, enabling limitless compositions to unlock their creativity.

“Bringing together craftsmanship and pro-photography features, we have developed the svelte and sleek Lenovo VIBE Shot. Designed with our consumers in mind, the new smartphone reiterates our continuous commitment to keep innovating devices that the market needs,” said Lenovo’s spokesperson Sridhar Ramaswamy, Director of Marketing, Asia Pacific Mobile Business Group.

An interesting feature is the panoramic selfie feature that lets you take three selfies and turn them into one that includes more people.

The VIBE Shot snappy runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor on top of an octa-core chip which is engineered for multitasking while remaining extremely power efficient at the same time.

The 4G/LTE smartphone ships with 32GB built-in storage which is expandable up to 128GB through a microSD card support

The 7.6mm-thick VIBE Shot sports a full aluminum outer frame, plus front and back Corning Gorilla glass.

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