New Arrival: Omnidesk Launches New Standing Desk Ascent

The Omnidesk Ascent will be available in Singapore from 6 December at S$1,298 for the standard resin-top version and S$1,647 for the Wildwood version with wood-top.


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The Omnidesk Ascent is available in standard (resin-top) or Wildwood (wood-top) versions while the frames (legs) come in black or white. This is the Wildwood version.

Pre-orders for the new Omnidesk Ascent begins today (see sidebar for promotional prices).

The controller for the Ascent has been re-designed to look more pleasing and includes a 5V USB charging port, as well as control buttons to adjust the height of the table.

The controller is located to the left of the Ascent and includes 4 buttons for pre-programmed heights, as well as an OLED screen for adjusting other settings for the table.

Newly introduced for Ascent is a companion iOS/Android app – “Omnidesk Life” – which enables users to adjust the height of the table remotely (via Bluetooth), including 9 pre-programmed heights and other features such as tracking the time spent sitting or standing at the desk.


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The standard (resin-top) version of the Omnidesk Ascent standing table.

The Ascent has a width of 30-inches (76cm) and will be available in three sizes: 48” (122cm), 60” (152cm), 72” (183cm).

“With the launch of the Omnidesk Ascent, we hope to inspire the evolution of what our brand stands for. The Omnidesk Ascent reimagines functionality and the way consumers will interact with their standing desk, and with the culmination of a plethora of features after three years of intense research and development, this next step in our journey sets the standard within the industry,” said Benjamin Huang, Managing Director, Omnidesk.

The height of the table-top can be varied from 60 – 125cm, at a speed of 60mm/sec, which is a 20% improvement over the 50mm/sec speed of previous standing desk models from Omnidesk.

Weighing 37.5kg, Omnidesk has designed the Ascent to be easy for self-assembly within five minutes.

Alternatively, the company can also assemble the table for customers.

The Ascent can bear a recommended load of 100kg although it can take up to a maximum of 130kg.


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The controller on the Omnidesk Ascent standing table.

The table comes with a warranty of 10 years for the motors in the frames.

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6 Responses to “New Arrival: Omnidesk Launches New Standing Desk Ascent”

  1. Steven James says:

    Can i put castor wheels on the legs to move the table around?

  2. Pek Chin says:

    Is that USB port a USB-C?

  3. Elizabeth Ruth says:

    How sturdy is the table. Hope it’s not too flimsy.

    • tech4tea says:

      It’s actually quite sturdy, at least for the short time I spend shoving it etc. I was a bit worried about that controller sticking out one corner… ideal candidate to get caught in your shirt or jacket or bag strap. But that too is quite firm. Won’t really know until I’ve actually used the desk for period of time though.

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