TOMI chatbot from Tokio Marine finds nearest panel clinic

Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore Ltd. (TMLS) is introducing a new functionality to their TOMI chatbot – helping users find its nearest panel clinic in three steps.

Users previously had to refer to an online directory that listed all 539 network clinics.

Users previously had to refer to an online directory that listed all 539 network clinics.

The update will enable users to conveniently find suitable TMLS panel clinics within their designated search area.

With filters such as doctor specialisation and clinic location, consumers can identify clinics based on their various needs and schedules, reducing any pre-appointment administrative hassle.

“At TMLS, we want to empower Singaporeans and allow them to manage their insurance coverage seamlessly. Completing a health check is one of the first steps when getting insured. With TOMI’s new search function, our customers can enjoy a simpler, speedier process when identifying our partner clinics, which in turn gets them protected as early as possible,” said James Tan, Chief Executive Officer of TMLS.

Previously, advisers and consumers needed to scan through an extensive list of 539 panel clinics online.

While they could filter results with a location search, the previous interface were not immediately intuitive for most users.

According to usage data, information on TMLS panel clinics is one of the top three queries posed to advisers.

Not only will this new update save time for consumers, it will also free TMLS advisers up for more complex queries.

Users may type keywords such as “panel clinics” or “doctors” on TOMI to select the type of doctor they would like to see.

They will next be prompted to share their location to receive a list of nearby panel clinics.

Users can then select their preferred clinic to access its location on Google Maps.

An abbreviation for Tokio Marine Insurance, TOMI was the first self-learning AI chatbot in the industry at its initial launch in 2017.

How to Access TOMI

TOMI can be accessed via the following methods:

  • On the Facebook Messenger mobile app, by searching “Tokio Marine Singapore”.
  • On the Facebook page, by typing “Tokio Marine Singapore” in the search bar and starting a chat via the “Message” button.
  • On the Tokio Marine Singapore website, by clicking the TOMI icon on the Tokio Marine Life Insurance page.
    On the Facebook Messenger mobile app, by scanning Tokio Marine
  • Singapore profile Code. To scan, users can tap on their profile picture to access the “Me” page. On this page, users should tap on their profile picture again to open the code scanner.

It aims to make life insurance more accessible for the public and provides users with instant and accurate explanations of commonly-used terms in insurance as well as information on TMLS products and solutions.

It is available 24/7 through popular messaging app Facebook Messenger.

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