New arrival: BenQ projectors & interactive flat panel

BenQ launched in Singapore the X12000 (S$9,299) home cinema projector, the LU9715 & LU9235 laser projectors and the RP750K (S$9,999) 75-inch interactive flat panel display.

BenQ X12000 DLP 4K UHD LED Home Cinema Projector (S$9,299).

BenQ boasts that the X1200 (S$9,299) is the world’s first DLP 4K UHD LED Home Cinema Projector.

It combines exclusive CinematicColor™ technology and Philips ColorSpark™ HLD LED technology for cinema quality color in 8.3 million pixels.

BenQ LU9715 & LU9235 colour-accurate digital laser projectors.

BenQ also announced the latest models in its color-accurate digital laser projection line, the LU9715 and LU9235 for large-venue corporate, professional, and educational applications.

The products feature BlueCore Laser technology for full 360° and vertical projecting, support for 24/7 operation, and eye-catching ultra-bright output of 8,000 and 6,000 ANSI lumens respectively.

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BenQ RP750K interactive flat screen display (S$9,999). I like how the built-in app can recognise handwriting – including mathematical symbols – and sketches and convert them into vector shapes.

BenQ also introduced its latest interactive display technology for the educational sector, the RP750K, a 75-inch interactive flat-panel display with Germ-Resistant and Smart Eye-care features for a healthier learning environment.

The RP750K (S$9,999) combines a 4K ultra-HD whiteboard, annotation, and collaboration solution into a single platform.

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8 Responses to “New arrival: BenQ projectors & interactive flat panel”

  1. Lyn Howard says:

    Do you have the pricing for the laser projectors? I’m looking at purchasing new projectors for my school, so would be interested in the laser ones. Thank you!

    • tech4tea says:

      I’m afraid BenQ didn’t provide the prices for the laser projectors, Lyn. These are targeted to business users (like yourself) and is normally sold as part of a larger package to vendors, unlike retail sales of the home projectors to consumers. You may visit their web page ( for more information. The page is for their laser projectors and from there, you can make further enquiries on pricing etc. Hope this helps.

  2. Boon San says:

    Are there other sizes for the rp750? Planning to get one for my office but the 75-inch is too big (and beyond my budget). Do they have smaller sizes? Thks!

    • tech4tea says:

      Yes, they do have smaller sizes. The 75-inch is what they showcased for the launch in Singapore. I’ve asked them for the size & price list for the smaller sizes, they’ve promised to send me on Monday. So please check back again on Monday.

  3. Boon San says:

    Thks for your help, I visit your site every few days so I’m sure I’ll see it when you post the price/size list. 🙂

    • tech4tea says:

      Here you go, Boon San. 🙂

      Model Specs MSRP w/GST

      RP552H 55”, Full HD, Interactive Flat Panel $3,799

      RP654K 65”, 4K, Interactive Flat Panel $7,999

      RP704K 70”, 4K, Interactive Flat Panel $8,999

      RP750K 75”, 4K, Interactive Flat Panel $9,999

      RP860K 86”, 4K, Interactive Flat Panel $12,999

  4. Lyn Howard says:

    Thanks for the link. Yah they don’t give out the prices so freely, because it includes other things like installation costs and subsequent maintenance contract. But the site you gave me was very informative and from there, there’s a link to contact them. So thanks much. Have a good weekend!

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