New Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise office & innovation facility in Singapore

Targeted at driving business growth in the region, the US$1 million innovation hub will serve as a test bed for advanced networking & communication solutions to empower businesses in the region.

Tour of the new Innovation Facility in the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise office in Singapore.

Tour of the new Innovation Facility in the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise office in Singapore.

Singapore ALE Pte Ltd today announced the opening of its new office and innovation facility in Singapore – one year after ALE separated from parent company Alcatel-Lucent in October 2014.

“ALE was searching for a solid ground to establish its innovation hub in the region. With Singapore investing heavily in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and amidst plans to become the world’s first smart nation, we saw this country as a natural fit for us to set up base,” said Matthieu Destot, Vice-President of Sales, Asia Pacific, ALE.

The new office and innovation facility will provide ALE new opportunities to deliver specialised solutions tailored to the Asia Pacific region.

As part of ALE’s commitment to innovation, an investment of US$1 million was invested into creating the research and testing facility in Singapore.

The innovation facility will serve as a prime test bed for ALE’s latest networking and communications solutions, aimed at delivering the personalised connected experience to empower businesses in the region for success.

The new office and innovation facility is located in the TechnoPark @ Chai Chee.

This centre is equipped to accomplish the following.

  • Unified Access
  • OpenTouch
  • Network Analytics
  • iFab (Intelligent Fabric)
  • OpenTouch Notification (OTNS)
  • Hospitality – Mobile Guest Solutions
  • Smart Guest Application and other solutions
Development at the centre will focus on the following.

  • Solutions that deliver connected experiences – The real value for customers and their end users is when technology enables them to easily use it and connect how/when/where they want to.
  • Innovation that drives business growth – Every business investment is defined by its outcome. Technology must help businesses grow and achieve tangible business outcomes.
  • Open collaboration for shared success – Successful technology integration, operation and outcome requires true collaboration between people and organisations. Shared success for those that deploy, manage and use technology is achieved through an outcome-based approach.

According to ALE, its key to driving the growth in this region is centered on several areas below.

  • Businesses in the Asia Pacific region (excluding Japan) are set to spend over US$1 billion in Software-Defined Networking (SDN) by 2018. As a result, a goal for SDN to account for 20 per cent of ALE’s Asia-Pacific revenue has been set in motion.
  • The Small/Medium Business (SMB) Market is a critical part of the Asia Pacific Market landscape In June, 2015, ALE pioneered a Champion League program to drive sales of the Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Suite for SMB across the APAC region, with a goal to increase revenues by $20mn.
  • Focus on specific verticals, which will play a significant contributing role to the growing economies in the region.
“We expect to do more for businesses with our award winning Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology, as well as expand our market presence in the region. 2015 has been a year of phenomenal growth for us, since we gained our independence from our parent company. We are on track to double our revenue in 5 years. We have been able to deliver on the innovation and customised solutions which our customers needed, and look forward to jointly work with our business partners to grow alongside our customers in the years ahead,” said Matthieu.

In July this year, ALE announced the creation of a global Travel, Hospitality and Leisure Solution Business Unit to achieve its goals of being one of the top three global players in the hospitality IT sector over the next three years.

The unit delivers outcome based technology solutions for the hospitality industry; ones that enable guests to use their mobile services to access hotel services, and control the environment in their hotel rooms for more a personalised guest experience.

Other verticalised units will be developed as ALE continues on its ambition to deliver solutions tailored to specific markets.

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