New arrivals: Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds & Jabra Sport Life App

Enjoy music in immersive Dolby Digital sound while the integrated biometric heart rate monitor in the earbuds work with the app to bring your training and fitness to the next level. RRP: S$298 from 1 November.

From 1 November, Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless retails at Apple premium resellers, Challenger, Harvey Norman, Stereo Electronics and other authorised resellers at an RRP of S$298.

From 1 November, Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless retails at Apple premium resellers, Challenger, Harvey Norman, Stereo Electronics and other authorised resellers at an RRP of S$298.

The Jabra Sport Life App  accesses biometric data from the earbuds to help you track and evaluate your workout.

With one touch, users of iOS and Android devices get a clear view of how close they are to meeting their training goals; hear real-time personalised audio coaching, change music or even answer or end calls – during the workout.

Key features & specifications

  • Wireless earbuds with Dolby sound enhancement.
  • Biometric in-ear heart rate monitor.
  • Jabra Sport Life App for integrated training management.
  • Jabra Sport Life App with three sophisticated fitness tests:
    • Rockport test: measures your VO2 max or aerobic capacity.
    • Orthostatic heart rate test: assesses your training state to avert overtraining.
    • Resting heart rate test: shows your fitness level and cardiovascular health.
  • Control music and calls directly from inline.
  • Speaker:
    • Size 6 mm.
    • Sensitivity 94 dB SPL with 1mW at 1KHz.
    • Impedance 16 Ohm.
    • Frequency range 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • IP55 Certified, drop, strength, dirt, temperature and humidity tested.
  • NFC for easy pairing.
  • Connects to all Bluetooth-ready devices including phones, computers, tablets.
  • Up to 4.5 hours talk/music time, and up to 10 days standby time.
  • 4 sets of eargels and 4 sets of earwings.

Below are more details from the press release.

Uses your heart rate to ensure you always train in the correct workout zone

Lightweight at 16g, comprising stereo earbuds connected by a neck cord, Jabra SPORT PULSE Wireless with its built-in precision in-ear biometric heart rate monitor is the most technologically advanced addition yet in Jabra’s wireless sporting family of next-generation intelligent audio solutions.

Jabra SPORT PULSE Wireless provides up to 4.5 hours of talk/music time and easy pairing via NFC or Bluetooth to all your devices.

Get the ultimate wireless workout with Jabra SPORT PULSE Wireless earbuds and the Jabra Sport Life App for an all-in-one training solution, optimised for runners and active sporting individuals so that every training session is the most productive and efficient that it could possibly be.

From a sensor in the left earphone, Jabra SPORT PULSE Wireless accurately measures your pulse by detecting the blood flow beneath the skin.

Clinical-grade heart rate data is transmitted via Bluetooth v4.0 to provide users with real-time visual insights as well as audio alerts.

Users can test their fitness levels and aerobic capacity, adjust heart rate zone training levels to optimise training, and set goals based on distance, time or calories burned.

Free your workout with premium wireless sound and secure fit

Train indoors or outdoors in any conditions.

An in-built accelerometer measures distance on the treadmill while the GPS from your paired device accurately maps distance on the trail.

Cased in carbon fibre and ruggedized, Jabra SPORT PULSE Wireless earbuds are built to US military weather and shock standards.

Ergonomic Audio Response Science technology ensures an ultra-secure and compact fit. Four different sets of eargels and four sets of earwings are included.

Once inserted in the ears, the earbuds “lock” into place and athletes can keep their focus totally on their training, bringing them closer to exceeding their goals.

Already using a fitness app? No problem!

The Jabra SPORT PULSE Wireless is compatible with many existing third-party fitness apps, so users won’t lose their history.

“个人音响配件制造商 Jabra 为运动爱好者推出了新的 Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless 无线耳机。十一月一日起在新加坡面市。售价:S$298新元” – 科技点心(微薄)

The Jabra Sport Life App takes data direct from the fitness and running applications such as Endomondo and integrates it with its unique, intelligent design.

Not only for serious athletes and runners, Jabra SPORT PULSE Wireless can also perform fitness tests for all fitness-oriented users who want to comfortably and conveniently monitor their resting heart rate and past performances during exercise.

Users can choose from a range of training programs and workout features, including:

  • Activity-based training, Pre-defined training programs, Interval training, Zone training, Target pace training.
  • Measure time, consumed calories, distance, speed, pace, heart rate, heart rate zone, work-out start, end and length.
  • Goal achievement notification.

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