Microsoft releases never-before-told cybersecurity story

Did you know that in early February 2002, the entire Windows division shut down development and diverted all developers to focus on security? Check out Microsoft’s previously untold story and little anecdotes about how Bill Gates forced security into the forefront of the software development cycle in the company.

Check out Microsoft's previously untold cybersecurity journey at

Check out Microsoft’s previously untold cybersecurity journey at

In the early 2000s, cyber-attacks often wreaked havoc across the Internet and affected millions of companies and customers.

The work of early security teams within Microsoft and the impact of Bill Gates’ Trustworthy Computing memo led the company on a journey to solidify its commitment to security and establish the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL).

The SDL is now mandatory within Microsoft, and today Microsoft is telling its untold story on, a beautifully laid out narrative that includes never-before-seen video footage and photos from many of the SDL’s key players.

“美国软件公司微软出版了一个新网站 – 这网站讲述Microsoft吧软件安全注入该公司软件开发的路程。也透露了一些与微软有关的软件安全而鲜为人知的趣事。” – 科技点心(微薄)

You’ll also discover a collection of little-known anecdotes. For instance, how Microsoft had to bus engineers to the customer support call center in order to keep up with high call volumes coming in as a result of security incidents.

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