Equinix expands Data Center capacity in Singapore

Equinix has launched its third data center in Singapore and is expanding its second facility to meet strong demand for data center services in Singapore.

Looking towards the future as Equinix breaks the ground for its 3rd data center in Singapore.

Looking towards the future as Equinix breaks the ground for its 3rd data center in Singapore.

Equinix will be expanding the company’s footprint in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region with development of a third International Business Exchange and expansion of its second data center.

“We recognize the increasing demand for cloud and interconnection services as well as changing security requirements from both local and multinational organizations in Singapore,” said Samuel Lee, President, Equinix Asia Pacific.

Scheduled to open in the second half of 2014, SG3 will further extend Platform Equinix to meet strong demand for premium interconnection and data center services in Singapore from financial and cloud companies.

With a proposed investment of US$50–US$55M, the first phase will provide 1,000 cabinets.

SG3 will provide approximately 385,000 square feet of gross floor area and 5,000 cabinets over multiple phases.

“Our expansion is well-timed to meet strong market demand and will provide customers the ability to connect to an established ecosystem of existing and potential customers and partners,” Lee explained.

At the same time, Equinix is also investing US$55M in the fifth phase of its second Singapore IBX data center.

This will provide 920 additional cabinets, bringing the total number of cabinets at this IBX data center to 4,176.

SG3 will be located in close proximity to Equinix’s existing SG1 data center, which is located at one-north, a 200-hectare development by JTC Corporation designed to host a cluster of world-class research facilities and business park space to support growth in the biomedical sciences, infocomm technology, media, physical sciences and engineering industries.

“With the rise of virtualisation and this growing infrastructure investment across Asia, the potential to reduce IT downtime costs through well-managed, multi-tiered data recovery has never been bigger,” said Charles Clarke, Technical Director, APAC, at Veeam.

SG3 and SG1 data centers will be interconnected through a dedicated fiber network, allowing customers in SG1 to expand their business within the Equinix platform.

Direct tethering to SG1, which is the most network-dense data center in the country, enables customers in SG3 to interconnect as if they were in the same location.

Recognizing financial customers’ need for network-rich infrastructure with robust security, scalable, low-cost and low-latency connectivity, SG3 will be compliant with guidelines introduced by the Monetary Authority of Singapore in July 2012.

“Improvements in storage capacity and performance, compute-layer performance and the ability to extend disaster recovery to the cloud has unlocked business continuity techniques that were either physically impossible or prohibitively expensive just a few years ago,” observed Clarke.

And as the Singapore government continues to raise the bar in data center quality through eco-friendly and energy-efficient initiatives that encourage the construction of green and modular facilities, Equinix has also pledged itself to driving sustainable technologies.

In an effort to minimize energy consumption at these energy-intensive facilities, both SG2 and SG3 are designed with the aim of operating as energy-efficiently as possible.

Some of the green features deployed at SG3 ― and which are already implemented at SG2 ― include motion-activated LED lights, electrically commutated fans, an automated system that reduces a motor’s speed and power, as well as a cold aisle containment infrastructure that supports higher power density installations for more efficient cooling.

“Now is the time for Asian organisations to rethink business continuity and reverse the trend of increasing complexity and cost in their data protection strategy,” Clarke urged.Veeam provides companies the software needed to maintain visibility and monitor critical information placed in data centres such as Equinix.

Recycled NEWater is also used for cooling purposes, an energy-saving process that is aligned with the Singapore Government’s green initiatives.

Additionally, a solar power system will be implemented, a feature unique to SG3.

For its exemplary green initiatives, SG2 was recently presented with the Gold Plus award under the BCA-IDA Green Mark for Data Centers scheme.

The first of its kind in Asia, the scheme assesses data centers in Singapore based on five key criteria ― energy efficiency, water efficiency, sustainable construction & management, indoor environment quality as well as other green features.

SG3 will also feature Business Suites for existing and new customers in Singapore who require larger footprints.

With Business Suites, Equinix can offer customers bespoke solutions and an option to tie their larger deployments for select applications into Platform Equinix without sacrificing reliability or access to carriers and the Equinix ecosystem.

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