New voice recorders: Olympus VN-711PC and VN-712PC

The VN-711PC (S$98) and VN-712PC (S$128) from Olympus are now available. These new entry-level recorders come with a built-in stand and 2GB of internal memory.

The new Olympus VN-711PC (S$98) and VN-712PC (S$128) voice recorders are available now.

The new Olympus VN-711PC (S$98) and VN-712PC (S$128) voice recorders are available now.

Olympus VN-711PC

Olympus VN-711PC

The Olympus VN-711PC and VN-712PC are simple to operate and allows beginners and students to record messages, notes and conversations.

Large buttons make the recorders easy to operate, and the adjustable font size on the LCD means that all information is clearly seen on the screen.

Up to 99 index marks can be set to flag important places in individual recordings.

An integrated low noise microphone promises a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Files can be saved in WMA format.

The internal memory of 2GB enables up to 34 days of recording time. Up to 1,000 files can be stored across five folders.

Additional features of theVN-712PC

Olympus VN-712PC

Olympus VN-712PC

The VN-712PC has a microSD Card slot to extend storage capacity.

A new Calendar Search function has been added to help find files quickly and easily.

A dedicated file search button allows users to locate files by recording date.

In addition to WMA, recordings can be saved in MP3 format.

During playback, a Voice Filter improves the sound quality of human voice and variable playback speed control means users can make adjustments to suit their personal listening preferences.

The Scene Select function ensures optimal recordings through preset environmental settings that can be selected based upon surrounding conditions, and a low-cut filter can be invoked to further enhance recording quality.

Main features of the VN-711PC and VN-712PC are listed below.

  • Internal memory: 2GB for more than 830 hours recording
  • External memory: microSD Card slot (VN-712PC)
  • Extra long battery life: 72 hours
  • Recording formats: WMA, mp3* (* VN-712PC)
  • High quality, low noise microphone
  • Voice activated recording: VCVA
  • Voice Filter (VN-712PC)
  • Low-cut filter
  • Scene Select function
  • Calendar Search function + dedicated button for file search (VN-712PC )
  • Variable playback speed control
  • Up to 99 index marks
  • 5 folders for file storage, 200 messages per folder
  • Changeable size font on the large LCD
  • Built-in stand
  • Shipped with: User manual, 2 alkaline batteries (AAA), USB cable, case (VN-712PC).
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 108 x 39 x 16.8 / Weight: 71g (incl. batteries)

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