Setting up and using the Seagate GoFlex Home storage system

GoFlex Home is a consumer network attached storage (NAS) hard drive for the home. Easy to set up and use, it allows the access, sharing, streaming, and backup of files and media for computers, network TVs, media players and game consoles connected to the home wireless network.

The Seagate GoFlex Home comprises a drive dock and a hard drive.

The Seagate GoFlex Home comprises a drive dock and a hard drive.

Secure access can also be opened to computers and iOS/Android tablets and smartphones over the Internet.

Over the weekend, I helped my friend set up an NAS drive for his desktop, netbook, two laptops, iPhone and Android tablet. He had bought the Seagate GoFlex Home 3 TB storage drive during the recent COMEX 2011 but hadn’t had the time to set it up yet.

I helped by using eye-power because he decided to give it a go himself and actually got the thing working in less than 15 minutes. That was the reason why I recommended the drive in the first place, it works with most consumer home Wi-Fi routers with little set-up or configuration needed.

The GoFlex Home comes with two cables and an software installation CD. The following steps were all that was needed to get the personal storage cloud going:

1. Connect the GoFlex Home drive dock to the Wi-Fi router by using the provided Ethernet cable.

2. Pop the GoFlex hard drive into the GoFlex drive dock and plug the power supply into the drive dock and the wall outlet. Switch on the GoFlex Home by pressing the Power button on the drive dock.

3. Pop the CD (or download from Seagate’s website) into the computer (can be a Mac or Windows PC) to install the software needed to access the hard drive. Simply select a language, key in the product information found on the drive, give the drive a name and register it. The name has to be unique globally since it will be used to identify the drive should you access it from the Internet.

4. Install the software on other computers that require access to the shared drive. Up to 5 people/computers on the home network can access the GoFlex Home. By paying to subscribe to the Seagate Share Pro, you get access for an unlimited number of people/computers to the GoFlex Home.

There are three ways to access the drive. One is to use the installed Seagate Dashboard software (on Windows PCs), which allows all features of the drive to be configured and managed. You can add computers and user accounts, backup, access and share files as well.

Use Seagate Dashboard software to configure and manage GoFelx Home

Use Seagate Dashboard software to configure and manage GoFelx Home

The other way is to use a browser-based Seagate Share either for a computer in the home network or out in the Internet.

Seagate GoFlexAccess App

Free iOS/Android app

Both are easy to use with a simple interface, using drag-and-drop or standard dialog boxes we’re familar with.

The third method is via the appropriate free app on a iOS/Android smartphone or tablet, also over the Internet.

The GoFlex Home comes with a USB port which is very useful. You can connect an additional external hard drive to expand the capacity of the original GoFlex hard drive. You can also connect a USB hub for connecting more than one USB device.

In my friend’s case, he connected his printer to the USB port and all his computers on the Wi-Fi network got to share that printer. USB port on the drive dock for a HDD, printer or USB hubNo more plugging/unplugging the old printer from one computer to another.

The included backup software allows up to three connected computers to be automatically backed up to the GoFlex Home. Upgrade to Premium Backup ($49.95) to back up an unlimited Seagate GoFlex Home home network attached storagenumber of computers on the GoFlex Home network. You can upgrade at the Application Store that can be accessed through the Seagate Dashboard software.

For each user account set up on the GoFlex Home, three folders are created – a Public, Personal, and Backup folder. The Public folder holds files that can be stored and accessed by everyone on your home network. The Personal and Backup folders can only be accessed by the the user.

What I like about the sharing is the granular control available for the files shared. You can specify who you want to share files with, choose to share just certain files or entire folders, set passwords, and set expiry dates for the shares. Administration is intuitive and easy to pick up. You can send a URL of a shared file via email.

Stream media to other computers and media players on the network.

Stream media to other computers and media players on the home wireless network.

Music, photos and video can also be shared and streamed to media players, game consoles or network TVs that support UPnP-AV, DLNA or Windows Media Connect. A wide range of file types are supported.

The GoFlex Home is available in 1TB (S$179), 2TB (S$239) and 3TB (S$339) capacities.

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18 Responses to “Setting up and using the Seagate GoFlex Home storage system”

  1. Nicolas Chan says:

    HAHA Eye power!

  2. Don Girvin says:

    Nicolas, I’ve had my GoFlex Home for several months and it works fine while I’m near my router for access to the drive. But when I’m traveling and want to access it over the internet I can’t get it to work.

    I’ve configured it for a fixed IP address but to no avail. Do you have any advice? Would appreciate help via an email message.

    • tech4tea says:

      Hi Don,
      Check you email 🙂

      btw, I’m John. Nicolas is my friend who commented before you. cheers!

      • tech4tea says:

        Hey Don,
        It’s great that you’ve managed to set up remote access to your GoFlex Home. And I’m impressed that Seagate was so forthcoming in offering to help, although you managed to get it all set up by yourself.
        Do feel free to mail me if you need further help. Cheers!

      • Chris says:

        I am having the same problem as Don, only my issue is that i have a problem streaming videos. It only works when i am on my home wifi network. Music and Pictures work anywhere but videos only work when I am on my wifi network. When I switch to 3g those same videos that were working on my iphone on my home wifi network no longer work and my iphone says unsupported video format. This is very strange because the same video, the same file, the same format worked when I was on wifi, Please someone help!!!

        • tech4tea says:

          Hi Chris, you’re right, there shouldn’t be problems with playing the same video. Anyway, check you email. Cheers, John

      • Losoya says:


        Hello I have been trying to do the same any way you can send me the instructions too…I have orders to Korea in April 2012 and want to be able to access some files as well as share files with my family. all my electronics can access the shared drive, but I have no idea how to access my drive when I am away from the house. Thank you for your time and assistance.


        • tech4tea says:

          Hi Mike,

          It’s good that you have no problems sharing the drive with the electronics in the home. I believe you use the installed Seagate Dashboard software to do this.

          For accessing the shared drive when you’re away from the house, you need to access via the Internet and use either of two methods.

          For a desktop/notebook connected to the Internet, you can use the browser-based Seagate Share software to access and upload/share files to the drive.

          If you want to access via iOS/Android smartphone or tablet, you can install the approapriate free app that Seagate makes available on the Apple App Store and Android Market.

          Naturally, while you’re away from home, in order to access the drive, the drive must be powered up and connected to the WiFi router which also has to be powered up (I had a friend who had the habit of switching off his router when he left home).

          It’s good you’re only moving in April so there’s time to trouble-shoot if the above doesn’t work. Anyway, Seagate is quite forthcoming in helping and if need be, I can rope them in to assist.

          Let me know if the above helps.

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  4. Amir68 says:

    salut cher ami, j’ai le Goflex Home depuis 4mois j’ai pu le configurer mais je ne sais pas comment avoir acces de loin a mon disc et je n’est pa pu activer l’option du wifi. Je voudrais que vous m’aidiez en m’envoyant par mail ou repondre sur se site. Merci d’avance

    • tech4tea says:

      Here’s Google’s translation of Amir’s comment:

      “hello dear friend, I am Goflex Home from 4 months I was able to configure it but I do not know how to have access to far in my disc and I was able to activate the option pa wifi. I would like you to help me by sending me mail or answer on this web site. Thank you in advance”

      I’ll be sending you mail to find out more about what you’re encountering to see if I can help. Cheers.

  5. Jeff says:

    Is there any way to setup the GoFlex to a switch and not to a wireless switch? I would like to connect the GoFlex directly to a 5-port switch that also has my macbook pro connected to it. The wireless network is much slower that connecting directly to a gigabit switch. All help is greatly appreciated.

    • tech4tea says:

      Hi Jeff, I don’t think it should be a problem as long as your switch can function as a router. My setup was with a wireless router, but it should work with a switch serving as a router. Agreed the throughput with the wired connection should be faster than over a wireless network. Anyway, just to be sure, I’ve forwarded your question to Seagate. They’ll revert once their technical team has done a physical test. Will get back to you once I get the answer.

  6. Sal says:

    Hi John, I am also experiencing problems with the access my GoFlex Home over the internet, it only works when I enable the WiFi connection to my router. Can you please e-mail me how to access it remotely? It would be also very nice from you if you can advice on how to access it through my wired router. Thanks in advance.

  7. Steve says:

    Can you set up user permission on files?
    So can you have files that only I can see ?

    • tech4tea says:

      The non-iOS devices can’t connect to the McAire via Wi-Fi like the iOs devices can (via Airplay). That’s why they need to connect using Bluetooth via the adaptor. On the iOS devices, you play music using the free McIntosh app.

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