New Arrival: Listen To Web Pages On Android Phones

You can now ask Google Assistant to read aloud the text on a webpage – basically turning any webpage into a podcast! The new functionality is now available on all Android phones.

Check out the video about the new Read It feature for Google Assistant in Android phones.

Check out the video about the new Read It feature for Google Assistant in Android phones.

Nowadays we consume so much content on our tiny smartphone screen – news, articles, stories etc.

For older folks with failing eyesight, or anybody with visual or reading difficulties, Google Assistant can now read web articles on your smartphone browsers out loud.

I’ve always wished that I could consume web content while I’m driving.

At the moment, you can only do that if it’s a podcast, or unless you just listen to the audio of a video, because you got to keep your eyes on the road while driving.

So I listen to the news or radio, or my own music while I drive.

With the ability of Google Assistant to read aloud web pages, I don’t have to postpone perusing a web article until when I can read it myself.

I can listen to it when I’m driving, or taking a bus or train (using earphones) so that I don’t have to strain my eyes reading on a moving vehicle.

Even when I can read an article normally, I might just listen to it to give my eyes a rest – alternating listening with reading.

Children can now listen to bedtime stories read out from websites featuring such stories, if their parents are not free to read the stories to them.

I’ve tried this new feature out – the web pages are read aloud in expressive and natural voices, using the same intonation and rhythm that actual humans use when reading aloud.

Websites don’t need to do anything special to enable this functionality.

Webmasters that prefer not to use this feature can use the nopagereadaloud tag.

If you’re a developer, you can add the ability for Google Assistant to read aloud content in your mobile app using Actions on Google.

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