Dyson launches Singapore Technology Centre

Founder Sir James Dyson aims to nurture “exceptional” engineers focused on cutting edge manufacturing, software, and robotics in spare-no-expense laboratories.

James Dyson today opened the doors to Dyson’s new Technology Centre in Singapore, in the presence of Minister for Trade and Industry, S. Iswaran.

Dyson’s Singapore Technology Centre is being launched with the backdrop of Singapore’s Smart Nation vision, and a world where technologies are increasingly intelligent and connected. “As the way people shop is changing so to is our supply chain. The Dyson Control Tower connects our entire supply chain. Using the latest technology, it tracks real time machine reliability and delivery performance ensuring the highest quality products reach our customers on time,” said Jim Rowan, Chief Operating Officer, Dyson. Photo credit: Dyson.

Dyson is investing £330m in its future in Singapore.

“It is no coincidence that we are deepening our investment in Singapore to achieve our technology ambitions. Right here, some of the world’s brightest minds are working on artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, fluid dynamics, vision systems to bring hardware, electronics and software together. Good software allows Dyson products to actually improve over time and gives them intelligence to understand and respond to their environment”, said Sir James Dyson, Founder, Dyson.

The new facility has the latest development labs, bringing together the latest hardware and software expertise.

Dyson plans to grow the Singapore-based engineering team by 50 per cent.

Located in the heart of Singapore’s start-up community and next to the National University of Singapore, the new Centre’s engineering teams will focus developing new technologies for the future.

Dyson invests £7m a week in research and development and employs 3,500 engineers and scientists globally.

It has 1,100 people in Singapore split between its Technology Centre at Science Park I and its advanced digital motors manufacturing facility at West Park.

Dyson is seeking highly skilled engineers across a broad range of engineering disciplines including connectivity, motors, sensors, electronics, robotics, navigation, software and purification.

Minister for Trade & Industry, Mr S Iswaran, and inventor & chief engineer Sir James Dyson strolling in to Dyson’s new Singapore Technology Centre at Science Park.

Control Tower

Dyson sells more than 13 million machines in 75 countries globally, using four billion components from more than 500 suppliers.

“We are pleased that Dyson is expanding and deepening its presence to Singapore. With its focus on connected technology and intelligent machines, Dyson’s Singapore Technology Centre will create exciting jobs in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and software development. This will in turn, inspire young Singaporeans about the transformational possibilities of engineering, and support our drive to build an innovation-led economy,” said Dr. Beh Swan Gin, Chairman of the Singapore Economic Development Board.

Volumes have doubled over the past four years, and are expected to double in the next four.

The Control Tower at the Centre displays real-time supply chain and logistics data to respond to events as they happen and to mitigate risks in its supply chain.

West Park

The Technology Centre is 30 minutes from West Park, where one of Dyson’s patented digital motors comes off the production line every 2.6 seconds.

Drawing on Singapore’s expertise in advanced autonomous production the line relies on precision robotics to manufacture the high speed electric motors.

The V9 is Dyson’s smallest motor to date, spinning at 110,000 rpm. V9 is able to move over 13 litres of air through the diameter of a 2p coin, just 27mm, every second.

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