Intel Core vPro processor family now available in Asia Pacific

Intel Corporation has announced the availability of its 5th generation Intel Core vPro processor family in the Asia Pacific. The company also showcased a slew of gadgets using its wireless technology.

New clamshell and Ultrabook 2-in-1s, designed and built for business, boast improved performance, battery life and productivity benefits.

New clamshell and Ultrabook 2-in-1s, designed and built for business, boast improved performance, battery life and productivity benefits.

Intel wireless technology offers consumers freedom from wires in devices that include Intel Pro Wireless Display and optional Intel Wireless Docking capabilities.

Intel Core vPro processor-based devices promise built-in security and manageability capabilities that help protect data and enable remote IT access.

Below are more details from the press release.

To meet the needs of a more mobile and dynamic workforce, the latest Intel Core vPro processors provides cutting-edge features such as wireless innovations, built-in security, faster performance and improved manageability that will allow workers and companies to improve their productivity and stay competitive.

“Our goal is to enable all users to simply work better by offsetting the growing challenges of today’s businesses,” said Tom Garrison, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Business Client Platforms.

Businesses can choose from a variety of never-before-seen PC designs that offer up to twice the battery life and more than twice the performance, enabling form factors that are up to three times thinner and 50 percent lighter than a laptop PC from just four years ago.

In addition to PC design innovation, Intel also addresses two specific areas to enable a better way to work and provide a better experience for users and companies with the new 5th generation Intel Core vPro processors: wireless display and wireless docking.

Intel Pro Wireless Display (Intel Pro WiDi) makes every presentation and conference room a cable-free zone.

“With new devices based on 5th generation Intel Core vPro processors, we aim to transform the user experience by helping them compute from virtually anywhere without the clutter and burden of wires,” added Garrison.

While delivering enhanced usability for business users with flexible presenter controls and privacy, it also supports key IT requirements such as wireless channel management to mitigate network congestion risk and security vulnerabilities, and the ability to efficiently update and manage adapters remotely.

Intel Wireless Docking allows users to be connected and ready to work the moment they walk up to their desk.
This secure and manageable, wire-free technology based on Intel Wireless Gigabit technology enables systems to automatically dock to monitors, keyboards, mice and USB accessories and eliminates the need for traditional mechanical docks.

“The workplace is undergoing a shift driven by technology innovations that have not only changed the way we work, but opens up the possibilities of what we can do at work today to drive better workplace productivity and efficiency,” said Sumner Lemon, Country Manager, Intel Malaysia and Singapore.

New 2 in 1s, Ultrabooks, ultrathin clamshells and mini PCs based on 5th generation Intel Core vPro processors are available now from 12 leading PC manufacturers with more expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

In addition to device innovation and workplace productivity improvements, 5th generation Intel Core vPro processors provide hardware-enhanced security and manageability capabilities.

When paired with the Intel Solid-State Drive Pro 2500 Series, IT departments can implement built-in data encryption capabilities, while users enjoy protection so smart, they’ll never feel the difference.

Intel Identity Protection helps to simplify authentication and helps ensure the right people have access to the right information at the right time.

“We see the potential for these innovations to be implemented across workplaces in Singapore and Asia to fulfill our vision of a truly wireless office environment. Intel will also look to deploy these new innovations in selected Intel office across Asia,” added Lemon.

As workplace needs become increasingly mobile, it’s even more critical for IT to be able to keep devices healthy and protected while not impacting user productivity.

Remote management over wired and wireless networks and across all device types is made possible with Intel Active Management Technology, even if the operating system is down or the device is powered off.

The 5th generation Intel Core vPro processor family enables workplace transformations that can result in hundreds of billions of dollars of productivity enhancements to businesses of all sizes.

By removing the wires, delivering outstanding performance and battery life, and choosing the optimized form factor to meet the needs of each employee across the spectrum of innovative designs, Intel is delivering a truly optimized business platform that will change the way work is done.

More than 20 designs with newest vPro processor are currently available in Singapore and Asia market today including enterprise tablets, 2-in-1s, Ultrabooks, ultrathin clamshells, and mini PCs from Toshiba, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Panasonic, and Fujitsu.

Below is a datasheet for some of these devices.

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