New arrivals: Lenovo unveils its first multimode Yoga Tablet

Lenovo unveiled its new Android 4.2 Yoga Tablet today in a global live stream launch event. Both the 8-inch (start from S$449) and 10-inch (S$549) versions will be available in Singapore by end November. Pre-orders start from 1 November until 10 November.

The new Lenovo Yoga Tablet is designed to resemble a physical book with a

The new Lenovo Yoga Tablet is designed to resemble a physical book with a “graspable” spine.

The amazing thing about the Yoga Tablet is its 6000 mAh battery, which boasts a life of 18 hours (of Wi-Fi web browsing), and can even be used to charge other mobile devices!


The cylindrical battery is a nice design touch and makes holding the tablet more secure and comfortable.

The in-built stand requires fingernails to deploy from its flushed position, although with some practice, you could twist the cylindrical battery to let the stand protrude a little way out, before fully rotating the stand out.

Lenovo offers an optional Bluetooth keyboard for the 10-inch model that functions as a cover.

It wakes up the tablet when it’s removed and puts the tablet to sleep when it’s attached.

However, I found the fit flimsy at best and the cover slips off easily if you’re not holding both tightly.

The Yoga Tablet 10 weighs 600g while the Yoga Tablet 8 is about 400g.

Both have 1280 x 800 pixel displays, a 5-megapixel autofocus rear camera and a 1.6-megapixel front camera.

The Yoga Tablet runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and has 1.2 Ghz MT8389 Quad Core processors with up to 32GB of storage capacity, with a micro SD expansion slot, for up to 64GB of storage.

Both Wi-Fi-only and Wi-Fi/3G models are available.

Equipped with Dolby audio, it comes with front-facing speakers.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet in multimode: Tilt, Stand, Hold.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet in multimode: Tilt, Stand, Hold.

The tablets come with a micro USB connection, and you can connect an optional WD100 dongle to stream video content from the tablet wirelessly to a TV.

What is “Multimode”?

The Android Yoga Tablet can be used in three modes: hand-held Hold mode, upright Stand mode for viewing videos etc, and flat Tilt mode for a comfortable hands-free viewing angle.

The latter two modes are possible due to a rotating stand that is in-built.

In Hold mode, the stand is flush with the rear surface, while the slightly protruding cylindrical battery provides a good grasp for the palm – like holding the spine of a book. This reminds one of the design of Sony’s Xperia tablets.

In Stand and Tilt mode, the stand is rotated 90 degrees out.

This design is reminiscent of the in-built stand of the Microsoft Surface tablet although the exact design is somewhat different.

View/download the brochure below for the Lenovo Yoga Tablet.

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