Singtel Launches Third Chinese New Year Comedy Short Film

Singtel has launched the latest installment of its annual short film for Chinese New Year. This year, “The Hunt for the Lucky Tiger” features two rival families that go on a staycation at the same hotel.

“The Hunt for the Lucky Tiger” by Singtel for Chinese New Year. Click on the image to play watch the short 6-minute film.

“The Hunt for the Lucky Tiger” by Singtel for Chinese New Year. Click on the image to play watch the short 6-minute film.

The two families continue their rivalry from the first two installments in Singtel’s festive film series: – “His Grandfather’s Road” (2020) and “My Grandmother’s House” (2021) – endearing themselves to Singaporeans after their madcap but meaningful altercations in these previous films.

Set against the backdrop of the pandemic, this year’s film sees the Ang and Huang families opt to go on staycation during the Chinese New Year break instead of travelling overseas.

Kismet leads them to choose the same hotel on the beautiful and now 5G-powered island of Sentosa, sparking fresh contention and comedic rivalry between the families when they run into each other upon arrival.

More details below from the press release.


As part of their staycation itinerary, the two families sign up for the same treasure hunt, the main action in the film.

During the hunt, the families pit their wits and skills against each other in search of the elusive Lucky Tiger brought to life via augmented reality.

“Chinese New Year exemplifies the importance of family, friends and relationships, closely reflecting Singtel’s spirit of celebrating connections. As we rejoice with loved ones during this festive period, it is a timely reminder to treasure the relationships we have made, especially in light of recent global events that have tested these bonds,” said Lian Pek, Vice President for Group Strategic Communications and Brand, Singtel.

They go head-to-head in an immersive, remote-controlled car race powered by the high speeds of Singtel’s 5G network.

The race is a hotly contested affair with both nominated drivers showing deft skill in controlling their cars enabled only by lag-free next-generation connectivity.

The story takes a dramatic turn when Ah Boy, the youngest son from the Ang family, goes missing midway through the search for the tiger avatar in the lush forest trails on the island.

The families rally to comfort a panicky Wendy (Ah Boy’s mother played by Pam Oei), setting aside petty squabbles to find him.

Mr Ang even goes as far as to call for a search and rescue drone from Garuda Robotics to locate his son.

Seamlessly over 5G, he captures the drone footage and movements via live video streaming on his mobile device.

Catch the film to find out how the tale ends and how the families reconcile, realising that they did not need to look far to find real treasure.


The film serves as a showcase for 5G use cases, such as Garuda Robotics’ autonomous drone systems which are currently undergoing trials at the 5G@Sentosa testbed, a public-private sector collaboration led by the Government Technology Agency (GovTech), the Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC), and Singtel.

“As we move into a new year, the film is also a look to the future, showcasing 5G technology that Singapore can capitalise on to underpin economic recovery and our journey into the digital economy. As a leader in 5G innovation, we’re offering audiences a glimpse of tomorrow, from augmented reality enhanced entertainment to drone applications powered by hyper connectivity. 5G has the unbridled potential to redefine experiences and operations across multiple verticals and we hope to empower the broader community by harnessing the benefits of this next-generation technology,” Lian added.

By enabling agencies to trial use cases that improve operational effectiveness and deliver citizen-centric services, the testbed aims to catalyse large-scale public sector adoption of 5G and develop Singapore’s 5G eco-system ahead of nationwide 5G rollout in 2025.

Singtel plays a key role in supporting the initiative with its purpose-built network and edge cloud infrastructure allowing for 5G application rollout on a mass scale.

Singtel has achieved 75% coverage and its 5G network has been named Singapore’s fastest by Ookla® the second time running.

Through creative use of local humour and relatable scenarios around the festive season, “The Hunt For The Lucky Tiger” showcases Singtel’s branded story-telling strategy and brand values of family, community, diversity and inclusivity.

Conceptualised by the Singtel Brand team, the film will air on Singtel TV and various social media channels from today.

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