New Arrival: Ruark Audio Launches R3 for Singapore

Priced at S$1,299, the Ruark R3 will be available in Singapore in Rich Walnut and Soft Grey colours from mid-August 2020 onwards.

Ruark Audio R3: stylish and compact music system with expansive sound.

Ruark Audio R3: stylish and compact music system with expansive sound.

Equipped with a high-fidelity two-channel Class A-B amplifier and enclosed in hand-crafted wood cabinets, the R3 promises a dynamic performance akin to larger sound systems while doubling as a modern piece of furniture for the home.

The R3 all-in-one music system joins Ruark Audio’s luxury sound systems – the R7, R5, MR1 and MRx – which were launched in Singapore earlier this year.

More details below from the press release.

Award winning British Hi-Fi brand Ruark Audio is bringing its latest all-in-one music system, R3, to Singapore for discerning music lovers who appreciate compact, stylish music systems with dynamic performance.

Powered by a high-fidelity two-channel Class A-B amplifier, the R3 delivers a full-range performance that punches above its compact size and light weight.

Compact and stylish design

The R3’s combination of tactile and luxurious materials sees the continuation of Ruark’s signature and eye-catching design language.

It exudes quality and premium craftsmanship from the curvaceous form of the hand-crafted cabinet to the coolness of the glass display, the warmth of the woven fabric grille to Ruark’s trademark RotoDial controller.

The R3 also comes with cantilever legs which subtly angles the R3 upwards, which helps it enhance its audio performance.

Dynamic audio performance

Built around more than three decades of high-end audio expertise and pedigree, the compact R3 delivers a dynamic performance akin to larger system with separate speakers.

As with all music systems from Ruark Audio, the R3 is powered by Class A-B amplifiers, laid out in a sleek enclosure that is dampened and tuned to provide the ideal audio performance.

“Our philosophy has always been about creating music systems that first catch your eyes, and then your ears. As one of Ruark’s most compact music systems, the R3 can deliver a dynamic audio performance and also fit seamlessly into any living area where space is at a premium,” said Alan O’Rourke, Founder and Managing Director of Ruark Audio.

Hence, the R3 can closely reproduce songs the way they were recorded, creating a natural and lifelike soundstage.

Comprehensive listening options for every music fan

The R3 also offers comprehensive listening options for every music fan.

Songs from different streaming platforms such as Spotify, Connect, TIDAL, Amazon Music and Deezer can be played over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth aptX.

The R3’s Smart Radio functionality can also be used to tune into the Internet, DAB/DAB+ or FM stations.

For those who prefer to play high-quality music on CDs, they can use the R3’s onboard player to do so.

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