New Arrival: D-Link EXO Series Mesh Routers & Mesh Extenders

D-Link’s new EXO series includes smart mesh router DIR-2660 (AC2600) and DIR-1360 (AC1300) as well as mesh extender DRA-2060 (AC2000) and DRA-1360 (AC1300).

Four new smart mesh routers and extenders in the new EXO series from D-Link for a smart mesh Wi-Fi.

Four new smart mesh routers and extenders in the new EXO series from D-Link for a smart mesh Wi-Fi.

Users can choose between DIR-2660 or DIR-1360 to pair with DRA-2060 and/or DRA-1360 to form a whole-home WIFI mesh coverage throughout the home.

The new EXO series is powered by McAfee Secure Home Platform to protect all smart devices connected to the router and unlimited McAfee LiveSafe license protection to protect all PC, Mac, IOS and Android.

More details below from the press release.

Full Home Coverage

Today, one of the most daunting issues faced by the user is on wireless coverage, especially with structures surrounded by all different wireless devices causing interference, affecting the coverage.

The new EXO series router is powered by Dual-Core processor to ensure enough processing power to meet the most demanding tasks such as 4K Ultra HD video streaming, online gaming, and web surfing.

When paired together with DRA-2060 and DRA-1360, it instantly forms into Mesh network to provide total coverage to enable users to move from one room to another without losing the connection, ensure it is connected to the strongest wireless signal for better user experience.

Each EXO router can pair up to 8 units of DRA series (Wireless and Wired) for its mesh solution.

Each extender will choose the best path back to EXO router, selects the best wireless channel and auto recover Wi-Fi if there is any device that went down.

Built-in Security protection and Free unlimited Security Licenses

Beside mesh as one of the key points, D-Link partnered with McAfee to integrate the award-winning security protection in the routers.

Each EXO router comes with a 5-year gateway license which provides real-time protection to all the devices connected behind the router including passive devices such as contact sensor, motion sensor etc.

It will constantly monitor the traffic and any possibility of a security compromise will alert the user.

Not only that, it has the capability to warn user if there is any latest firmware available or when user forgot to change the device’s default common password, further enhancing the protection.

To sweeten the protection, D-Link EXO provides a 2-year unlimited full version of McAfee LiveSafe client software to all active devices (Windows, Mac, IOS and Android) so that they are well protected even on the move when connecting to a hotspot or accidentally access to malicious websites.

Besides the security control, EXO provides schedule control and parental control, keeping kids safe by preventing them from surfing online late at night.

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