Event: Devialet SAM Lab Tour in Singapore

Attended a demo of Devialet’s SAM Lab. SAM (Speaker Active Matching) is an audio #technology which ensures extreme fidelity.

Devialet’s trainer from Paris flew into Singapore to showcase the difference between a speaker that has SAM technology vs one that does not. Listening to the demo, I found the enhancement most pronounced in the lower frequency ranges.

By taking into account the characteristics of the loudspeaker connected to the Devialet, it enables the Devialet to drive in a very precise and controlled way the speaker driver diaphragm’s movement, so as to obtain an exact alignment between a recorded music signal, and the pressure wave that reaches the listener’s ear during a listening session.

Devialet engineers have developed a characterisation protocol including electrical, mechanical (laser interferometry) and acoustical laboratory measurements to be able to model the exact behaviour of any loudspeaker.

They have industrialised the process to be able to develop SAM processing for any speaker, from initial measurements to final robustness testing. It all happens at Devialet headquarters in downtown Paris.

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