Infographic: SAP crunches the numbers on Valentine’s Day

SAP wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day!

SAP's infographic for Valentine's Day.

SAP’s infographic for Valentine’s Day.

Below are six interesting findings highlighted by SAP.

  1. Singapore is the biggest importer of flowers in comparison to 8 other markets, topping the list with an average spend of USD6.85 of flower imports per capita.
  2. Singapore tops the list again for the highest cocoa imports for chocolate and food preparations, with an average spend of USD 12.60 per capita. Separately, did you know that SAP customers produce 70 percent of the world’s chocolate and distribute more than 71 percent of the world’s food?
  3. Korea consumes 14.8 liters of alcohol per capita, the highest in the region ahead of Australia (10 liters) and New Zealand (9.6 liters). Also, SAP customers produce 64 percent of the world’s ice cream and 72 percent of the world’s beer.
  4. Hong Kong residents are the biggest spenders on tourism per capita ahead of 9 other markets.
  5. Korea has the highest divorce rates per person (2.2%), followed by Australia (2.2%), Singapore (1.9%) and New Zealand (1.9%).
  6. 62% of Indonesians have started retirement planning while only 29% of Japanese started retirement planning.

This infographic is created with the generation Y consumers in mind who are more inquisitive than ever before.

They are often intrigued by the stories in data, they question how conclusions are derived, and they chase after supporting facts and figures behind important decisions.

With SAP Lumira, a free application for consumers – executives and students can visualise data, find insights, spot trends, and tell a compelling story in a more engaging and interactive manner.

Data visualisation is a powerful, effective way of conveying knowledge and displaying huge amounts of data in a straightforward and easy to understand manner.

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