Trend Micro tips against Iron Man 3 fake screening sites

With the popularity of Iron Man 3, cybercriminals are using social networks to spread links to websites that purport to offer free screenings of the blockbuster – but instead lead to potentially malicious sites.

Be wary of links to websites offering free streaming or download of Iron Man 3 movie.

Be wary of links to websites offering free streaming or download of Iron Man 3 movie.

The scams utilised popular blogging platforms and social networks, such as Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger, to trick home viewers into downloading video installer files and click on malicious links and adware that may lead to survey scams and spam.

The same is seen on Facebook, where links to supposed Iron Man 3 streaming sites lead users to survey scams instead.

Some sites do not even lead to actual Iron Man 3 movie content, instead asking users to register and provide their credit card number – a move that is highly suspicious.

Here are some tips from Trend Micro for movie buffs to stay vigilant online.

  1. When something looks too good to be true, it most likely is – It is most unlikely for new movies to be released for free online, and hence advertisements you see are most likely malicious in intent.
  2. Keep updated on the latest entertainment news from legitimate sources – Stick to legitimate news portals or the official website for the latest and most accurate updates.
  3. Bookmark reliable sites to avoid falling for cybercriminals’ traps – This will help ensure that you visit known safe sites, every time.
  4. Be wary of clicking on shortened links from unknown accounts – Who knows where these may lead you, and what they may ask for?
  5. Be conscious about what you click and share on social networks – high-profile news are highly shareable, making them good hosts for malicious content.

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