Two new large format printers: Canon imagePROGRAF 765 and 760

Canon has introduced two new 36-inch imagePROGRAF large format printers – iPF765 (S$6,699) and iPF760 (S$5,999). Both are available now and promise to enhance security and maximise productivity.

Canon’s new 36-inch imagePROGRAF large format printers - iPF765 (S$6,699) and iPF760 (S$5,999).

Canon’s new 36-inch imagePROGRAF large format printers – iPF765 (S$6,699) and iPF760 (S$5,999).

The Canon iPF765 and iPF760 are designed to increase the efficiency of design and engineering professionals working in personal and small workgroups.

Canon imagePROGRAF 760

Canon imagePROGRAF 760

The two large format printers optimise the workflows of professionals who need to produce accurate and large technical documents in high volumes such as those in the architecture, engineering and construction industries.

What is the difference between the two identical twins?

Well, the iPF 765 comes equipped with a 250GB HDD.

The iPF 760 is categorised for Quality CAD & GIS, while the iPF 765 is for Production CAD, GIS and 3D.

This is where the built-in memory will come in handy to support the huge amount of information passing through.

Powerful Print Solution for Speedy, Precise and High-Quality Output

The new printers have a print speed of up to 46 seconds for A0-sized output and the ability to print technical documents with resolutions up to 2400 x 1200 dots-per-inch with precise lines.

Canon image PROGRAF 765

Canon image PROGRAF 765

Designed to handle high resolution and large-size files with complex images, the iPF765 is also equipped with a 250GB hard drive, of which 32GB is dedicated solely to file processing memory.

The increased hard drive capacity streamlines the workflow by bearing the processing workload on the printer itself.

Enhanced Print Management and Security Capabilities

The iPF765 and iPF760 feature accounting functions that allow users to easily obtain estimated printing costs for tracking in-house usage or billing client by collecting and analysing job log information, such as client ID, ink and media consumption, media type and output size.

“A recent survey by KPMG showed that the engineering and construction sector had the greatest revenue growth in Asia Pacific in 2011,” said Andrew Koh, Senior Director and General Manager of the Consumer Imaging and Information Products Division, Canon Singapore.The iPF765 and iPF760 also offer robust security features, including a network interface lock system that allows administrators to disable USB ports and limit large-format print usage to authorised devices.

Businesses also have greater administrative control in restricting interface input and output rights to authorised users, and can easily remove records of confidential information by resetting user-configured settings and print job records from the operation panel.

This helps businesses safeguard client information assets by preventing unauthorised use of printers and information leaks, while facilitating device and print management in government organisations, large corporations and within the competitive design and engineering industry.

User-friendly, Space-saving and Energy-efficient Design Optimised for Users’ Needs

Featuring a sub-ink tank system which allows ink replacement even while printing is in progress, the iPF765 and iPF760 enhance productivity for businesses operating in dynamic design environments.

“The imagePROGRAF 765 and 760 are well-designed to handle highly-detailed technical documents such as Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) and Geographical Information System (GIS) drawings,” Koh added.In addition, the devices are able to print documents of lengths up to 175 meters with raster image processing software, allowing continuous printing of CAD drawings on an entire roll of lightweight paper.

These improved features enable businesses to effectively focus on producing sophisticated, functional designs without having to worry about downtime.

The devices’ in-built Microsoft Office Print Plug-in also allows users of any skill level to easily print large format printouts of documents, images or illustrations created by Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint programs.

Designed to allow hassle-free media loading and ink replacement from the front of the machine, the devices are easy to operate.

The imagePROGRAF printers are also equipped with a new horizontal, flat stacking basket to ensure that prints stay organised and flat once they have been printed until they are collected.

Businesses can maximise workspaces as well with the printers’ easy installation of flushing the devices against the wall.

Utilising less than 140 watts of power during use, the iPF765 and iPF760 are designed to meet the ENERGY STAR Programme standards for energy efficiency, making it less costly and environmentally taxing to operate – requirements which are ideal for businesses which operate a Green Procurement Policy.

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