New Bluetooth Headset: Bose Series 2

Bose has introduced the Bluetooth Headset Series 2. It is available in Singapore for S$249.

Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2 (S$249)

Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2 (S$249)

The Bose Bluetooth headset Series 2 assures conversations remain clear and natural – even in challenging environments, or when surrounding noise levels change suddenly.

The headset integrates Bose full-­range audio and A2DP, and comes in either right or left-ear versions.

The Bose Bluetooth headset Series 2 includes a proprietary dual microphone system to improve speech intelligibility beyond that of conventional Bluetooth headsets, rejecting background noise and tremendously reducing the audible effects of wind.

Bose proprietary signal processing further counteracts the unwanted sounds of a wide variety of places – gusty walkways, commuter rail platforms or airports.

To keep incoming voices clear, Bose TriPort acoustic structure and Bose Adaptive Audio Adjustment technology react automatically as noise levels change so that there’s no need to adjust volume settings or strain to hear a conversation.

The new internal antenna substantially reduces acoustic artifacts – the “pops,” “clicks” and “buzzes” familiar to Bluetooth headset owners – and minimises reception difficulty between the headset and a phone being carried in a pocket.


The Bose Bluetooth headset Series 2 is compatible with devices using the Bluetooth 2.1 (or earlier) specifications that support the Bluetooth hands-­free or A2DP profiles.

For consumers who want to maintain an active connection between their headset and two Bluetooth enabled devices, it includes multi-point functionality.

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