New luxury TV: Metz Primus 3D LED

Elegantly designed in wood, glass and metal, the Metz Primus 3D Media twin R comes in 55” (S$11,700) and 42” (S$8,000)  screens and will be available from December 2011.

Metz Primus 3D Media twin R comes in 55” (S$11,700) and 42” (S$8,000)  screensFeeling generous this Christmas, or just want to pamper yourself after a good, industrious year?

The new Primus 3D LED TV from luxury German brand, Metz, will be the anchor of 3D and multimedia entertainment in the living room, and a conversation piece for that TV dinner night.

Wall-mounted without the sound module.

Wall-mounted without the sound module.

The Primus 3D comes with both modern 3D LED technology as well as the new Metz media system with numerous networking opportunities.

Programmes can be conveniently recorded and archived in 3D using the integrated 750 GB digital recorder. That’s 150 hours of HDTV quality video or 750 hours in traditional SDTV quality.

Superior picture quality is offered through a combination of mecavision HD+ technology and 200 Hz technology – using energy-efficient LED technology. Movements and rapid panning shots on-screen are handled with ease and appear vibrant yet natural.

Metz Primus 3D LED mounted on table

Metz Primus 3D LED mounted on table

The 3D technology is based on the use of circular polarisation. A wafer-thin polarisation film on the LED panel simultaneously sends the differently polarised pictures to the right and left eyes – clockwise-polarised for one-eye and anti-clockwise for the other.

This eliminates flickering and restrictions in horizontal view when turning the head. The first two pairs of 3D glasses comes free with the TV.

The TV also converts 2D films to 3D.

Via an Ethernet connection, the Primus can access video, photos and music stored on other digital devices such as notebooks, PCs and network hard drives, and play them.

A USB port allows USB storage media to be directly plugged into the TV.  Live programmes can be recorded directly onto external USB hard disks.

Physically, the Primus can be positioned free-standing on its stand or placed on a table stand. It can also be mounted on the wall with or without the visually separate sound module.

Metz Primus 3D LED on its stand

Metz Primus 3D LED on its stand

Sound wise, viewers can enjoy high-quality sound via a two-way bass reflex system or through headphones. Surround sound is produced by the reproduction of multi-channel sound (eg. 5.1 Dolby Digital) via the system decoder through the optical digital audio output.

At the back of the TV, there are four HDMI sockets, a DVI-I interface and a USB port. There are also two external access CI+ and HD+ compatible slide-in slots for CA modules – for receiving different Pay TV channels and operating them in the usual OSD.

Digital in and output allows peripheral digital audio devices to be connected.

Metz LED TVs are only available at the Schmidt store at #05-06/07 in Ngee Ann City Tower A.

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    How much does additional 3D glasses cost?

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    Does the price include delivery and installation?

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