Creative Sushi in Bedok heartlands

User interface of GarageBand

Anybody can make music using Apple's GarageBand

A relaxing evening at Bedok Regional Library catching up with fellow creative crew on the local scene. “Sushi chefs” Ivan Chew and Stefano Virgilli put their heads together to produce a short 2-min video slideshow of 40 digital photos, complete with self-composed instrumental soundtrack.

Linus Lim kicked off the evening’s program by waxing lyrical about Adobe Fireworks’ usefulness as a prototyping tool and revealed that the splash screens for the software in Adobe’s CS5 suite were made using Fireworks. He briefed on the enhancements in the CS5 version of Fireworks.

Music enthusiast Ivan Chew demonstrated how to put together a 2-min MP3 soundtrack using GarageBand on Apple, explaining how different instruments can be added to the basic track, while keeping in syn with the underlying beat of the main track, which was based on tracks from Manolo Camp under a Creative Commons license.

The soundtrack was then used by Stefano Virgilli to make his PAL slideshow of 40 digital photos using AdobeĀ  Premiere Pro. He explained how to time the duration and transition of each photo with respect to the PAL frame rate of 25 fps and tie that with the beat rate of the soundtrack conposed by Ivan.

Stefano went on to show how some seemingly complex MTV video effects can be quite easily achieved. With the help of simple expressions in Premiere Pro, he showed how vector shapes in videos can be made to change in size based on the amplitude of the soundtrack.

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