New Arrival: All-in-One Compact TM-m30III Receipt Printer

The Epson TM-m30III Thermal Receipt Printer offers a new versatile point-of-sale (POS) printing solution that supports the operational demands of the Retail and Food & Beverage industry. Available now in Singapore.

The versatile TM-m30III Thermal Receipt Printer has built in multiple connectivity options, paper de-curl mechanism and UTF-8 font support.

The versatile Epson TM-m30III Thermal Receipt Printer has built in multiple connectivity options, paper de-curl mechanism and UTF-8 font support.

The new Epson TM-m30III Thermal Receipt Printer streamlines operations, enhances customer experiences, and elevates efficiency for businesses.

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Tailored for the Fast-Paced Food & Beverage Industry

Engineered to keep up with the rapid pace of the food and beverage industry, TM-m30III prints at an impressive speed of 300mm/s – a significant 20% improvement in speed from the previous model, the TM-m30II.

Its fast and efficient printing capabilities allow the backend operations to receive orders almost instantaneously from the time the order is placed.

Along with the speed boost, the printer maintains its reliability, boasting a printhead life of 150 km and an auto cutter life of 1.5 million cuts.

Revolutionising the decentralised order system, Epson’s new thermal receipt printer establishes a new benchmark for speed and reliability in receipt printing.

The fast-paced nature of Food & Beverage storefronts necessitates robust and reliable hardware that can efficiently facilitate operations.

With the consideration of common wet kitchen settings and stringent hygiene standards in the Food and Beverage industry, the TM-m30III employs water-resistant and antibacterial materials that offer significant advantages to business owners and staff.

Versatile Printing Capabilities

Versatility sits at the core of the new Thermal Receipt Printer where users can expect the diverse demands of fast-paced operations to be met.

Differing from conventional receipt printers, TM-m30III features integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth and NFC pairing functionality, providing a seamless array of connectivity options with POS devices.

“We are thrilled to introduce Epson TM-m30III Thermal Receipt Printer to the market, offering a game-changing solution tailored to the unique needs of the fast-paced food and beverage industry. The efficiency gains from TM-m30III empowers restaurant operations to focus more on delivering quality experience and ensuring a seamless dining experience. We expect to see our point-of-sale printing solutions to continue revolutionising restaurant workflows and elevate operational efficiency for Food & Beverage businesses,” said Derek Tan, Head of Sales and Marketing, Epson Singapore.

Moreover, it supports USB-PD, making it ideal for Tablet POS setups. The new POS printer comes as an all-in-one unit which effortlessly adapts to diverse configurations.

Catering to a wide range of businesses, the Epson TM-m30III Thermal Receipt Printer is also equipped with UTF-8 font, enabling it to interpret and print in multiple languages in a single receipt.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Customer service is essential in ensuring that businesses build brand loyalty and reap profits on returning customers.

The advent of decentralised ordering systems eliminates bottlenecks often seen at payment counters thereby empowering restaurant staff to fully attend to customers’ needs and further build on their experience.

Going above and beyond, the TM-m30III is designed to deliver unparalleled convenience for customers.

It boasts an innovative de-curl mechanism that eliminates the hassle of straightening out receipts as well as near-end paper alerts to ensure that operations are optimised to be seamless.

The printer contributes to the final touch of the dining experience and leaves a lasting impression on customers.

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